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zebari says were close to ch 7 again!

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1 zebari says were close to ch 7 again! on Tue Oct 20, 2009 9:45 pm


Default Zebari: We will go out of sanctions and Washington does not support the trial Syria
Zebari: We will go out of sanctions and Washington does not support the trial Syria
(Voice of Iraq) - 20/10/2009
Mohammad Karim
Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said Iraq is close to leaving the penalties of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.
This came during the seminar tagged "Iraqi foreign policy where", and set up in Baghdad Monday morning long Foundation for Arts and Culture and was attended by Radio Free Iraq.
Zebari said: "It has been more than a year and we are working on a file out of Iraq's Chapter VII, I can say that Iraq had reached advanced stages in this area, but there is still work waiting for the government, especially with regard to the Iraqi debt in favor of some Arab countries, including Kuwait, and we in the Iraqi Foreign Ministry made this file is one of our highest priorities and we are continuing to work on it. "
Zebari said to say "The second priority task in our work these days is to resort to international legitimacy to protect Iraq from the dangers of terrorism and this is what we have done over the bombings last August 19 and made a great effort to raise the members of the Security Council to support Iraq's request in the formation of an international fact-finding committee, and was This time the U.S. position is supportive, but we can say that it was almost neutral. "
"We have succeeded in this matter as the talks is now continuing in the corridors of the Council for the nomination of a UN high-level employee and I can say that all signs are positive in this regard."
In response to a question, then headed Radio Free Iraq on whether the UN official designation would mean that an international tribunal to investigate the bombings last August 19 was possible Zebari replied, saying: "I would like to point out here is important, despite the request for a progress in Iraq the Tribunal, but this requires consensus among the five permanent members of UN Security Council, and this is not easy, and here comes the importance of creating strong economic ties with these countries and that we have, not after the required level of hand, and the dispersion of the national position on Iraq with the internationalization of regret at the August 19 bombings case from the other side, which is weaker, in fact, our position when we are asking for a court where he used to say to us by members of the Security Council and clamped down on your position first and then set up the court-seekers that you want. "
More details in the audio file.
Radio Free Iraq

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