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YOUR SAY Revalue Iraqi dinar

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1 YOUR SAY Revalue Iraqi dinar on Wed Oct 28, 2009 5:27 pm


LittleKracker went to digging around and found this on the Saudi Gazette newspaper...they have a section were you can Post "Your Say" and people can comment on it...this was Posted on Oct. 9th by a James.


Revalue Iraqi dinar

With reference to the report
Revalue Iraqi dinar

With reference to the report “Oil trading to remain in dollar – Kuwait minister” (Oct. 9), I must say that Kuwait’s economic power will be reduced eventually in the near future when the revaluation plan of Iraqi dinar is delayed further.

Just fancy that when more and more foreign oil buyers would go to Iraq for cheaper oil prices after the contracts with Kuwait oil suppliers expire. Moreover, well-developed countries may start to outsource their business to Iraq to use their cheap skilled labor.

Together with China’s cheap skilled labor, the corporate giants will plan to destroy the entire global economy just to meet their aim of ruling the entire business world alone. Do you remember the tragic event of World War II, from 1937-1945, when Germany attacked the West and Japan attacked the East, simultaneously, thereby causing the overly-stressful American and British armies to split up to defend both the West and the East?

Do we want to see history repeat itself in a different picture but for the same reason of destroying one another to be on top of the world? Business war is no joke for breadwinners.

Do not be complacent and procrastinate. Someone must do something to revalue Iraqi dinars real fast before it is too late to control business invasions throughout the West and the East.

I have studied for years how China wanted to use its business strategies to conquer the business world, and that Iraq might be next to join China as its right-hand man to fight the future business wars together. Please rethink: Prevention is always better.
– James, Online response

2 Re: YOUR SAY Revalue Iraqi dinar on Wed Oct 28, 2009 6:34 pm


Interesting, great find LK

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