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Germany's debt

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1 Germany's debt on Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:24 pm


Today starts Munich conference of investments.

Germany decided to schedule the remaining debt on Iraq, and provide full support for a campaign building and reconstruction in the country.

Minister of German Economy, Rainer Brodelh ,in a speech during the, Iraq - German investment conference , which started in Berlin yesterday, that his country would reschedule the remaining of debt owed by Iraq after toppling of 80 % of them within the Paris Club agreement.
He confirmed that his country is ready to support efforts to achieve a wide development in the country, in cooperation with the German expertise, expressing the important role of Iraq in economic level in the region.

The first Iraqi- German Economic Forum in Berlin has started yesterday, with the active participation of German companies.

The President of Iraqi delegation and Minister of Industry Fawzi Al Hariri,said at the opening speech, in which he stressed on Iraq's determination to move forward in the provision of opportunities and right investment climate to facilitate the task of foreign companies and investment in projects proposed by the private and public sectors.

Held yesterday, according to a statement of the Iraqi embassy in Germany , "Al Sabah" has received a copy of, workshops, various special economic areas with broad participation.
Economic Forum concludes today, the Iraqi delegation participating in the Conference is scheduled to leave Berlin, heading to Munich to participate in the investment conference which start's on Saturday attended by more than 500 companies from Germany and hundreds of specialists and experts.

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