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1 FOR THUMPER!!......lol on Wed Nov 18, 2009 11:22 pm


Algerian accused the Islamic forces to prevent selection of a new Iraqi flag

Bar News | 18/11/2009

Baghdad / Orr News

Accused the President of the President's Committee on Culture and Information of the Algerian parliament useful political blocs of religious orientation to prevent selection of a new flag for Iraq instead of the current flag, indicating that the design of the new flag represents the struggle between the civil and religious state in Iraq.

The Algerian "There are a number of political blocs want to keep the current Iraqi flag because they think he represents the orientations of the religious state that you want them."

He added that "these blocks has worked since the beginning of the year in the form of deliberately preventing the inclusion of the selection of a new flag for Iraq within the Council's agenda in anticipation of choosing a new flag is not consistent with religious beliefs."

House of Representatives and referred the matter of choosing a new flag a substitute for the current flag, the timer to be elected to parliament next year after it was scheduled for the current legislative term, to avoid any differences between the new political blocs.

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