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Parliament Member Discusses Stability In Iraq

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1 Parliament Member Discusses Stability In Iraq on Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:56 pm


Parliament Member Discusses Stability In Iraq
Feb 13, 2010

SAN DIEGO -- A member of the Iraqi parliament in San Diego campaigning for Iraq's upcoming election spoke to 10News about various topics, including the outlook for U.S. troops in his country in the months ahead.

"Security has improved, the economy has improved, but we still need U.S. troops to help us," said Younadam Kanna, a member of the Iraqi Parliament on a campaign swing through El Cajon.

Iraq's election for a new parliament will be held next month, and votes from ex-patriots, mostly Chaldeans in El Cajon, count.

U.S. forces will begin drawing down in seven months, which Kanna said most Iraqis want to see happen, but "until we have the ability to control our borders we are going to need help."

He acknowledged corruption was a big worry in his country, and he was also concerned about outsiders interfering in the country's internal issues.

The outsiders he speaks of is Iran, but Iran is also under siege from within as protesters have taken to the streets in spite of a hard line government crack down.

"We have to stop outsiders interfering in our internal issues then we will be done. Can that be done? Sure. Can it be done without U.S. troops? No," said Kanna.

In San Jose Friday, Army reservists geared up to leave Saturday for Iraq. How many more deployments will there be before Iraq can stand on its own? Kanna said he wasn't sure; perhaps in five years, he added.

"There was a delay in the transition but still we are in the right direction," he said.

The Obama administration said combat troops will be out of Iraq by July 2011.


USA will always have troops in iraq from now on

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