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The completion of the computerization of the postal system and ATM this year

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The completion of the computerization of the postal system and ATM this year


Baghdad Worley confident
Announced that the Postal Service and Savings of the Ministry of Communications stated that the current year will witness the accomplishment of a computerized mailing systems and ATMs. The Director General, Department of Safa al-Din Hamza al-Badr in a special statement for the "morning"

Will hopefully be completed this year's draft computerization of the postal system and the system of ATMs in all branches of the circle, adding that this move comes within the framework of implementation of its medium-and long-term plans to upgrade and advancement of the joints of the work of mail across the country. He disclosed the existence of a proposal by the ministry requires asking post offices for domestic investment and external, along with the development projects on international remittances to a post office station for the exchange of different kinds of transfers, similar to what is applied in most countries. He said he will be transferred to the Postal Service's extensive publicity within the so-called the "direct mail" and the exploitation of people and vehicles and plasma screens in post offices to promote activities for companies wishing.



How the hell can they have atm's at this rate

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