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Kuwaiti reparations lawsuit to prevent a plane belonging to Iraqi Airways to leave Britain

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Kuwaiti reparations lawsuit to prevent a plane belonging to Iraqi Airways to leave Britain

(صوت العراق) - 29-04-2010 (Voice of Iraq) - 04/29/2010

(Voice of Iraq) - A Kuwaiti official told «Middle East»: Baghdad embarrassed itself with a trip to London facilitated without payment of compensation
Kuwait: Ahmed Issa Baghdad: Nasir Ali

Official Kuwaiti source said that the seizure of a plane belonging to Iraqi Airways at the airport in London, is in response to a court order issued in the interest of his country, revealing that the Iraqi authorities know so well, is that embarrassed itself with the British authorities of civil aviation.

The source also told the «Middle East» Feedback on what was published about the so-called consequences of arrest of the Iraqi plane at Gatwick Airport where it landed last Sunday marked the resumption of flights made between the two countries more than 20 years, that «Kuwait is considering the issue as the implementation of the provisions of the British and Canadian issued in the interest of Kuwait Airways Corporation and the insurance company they deal with, and ruled by committing institution Iraqi Airways to pay the amount of 1.2 billion U.S. dollars, as compensation for damages suffered by the first by the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, and that these provisions are final and some of the Court higher, including freezing the assets and property of Iraqi Airways in all parts of the world, all of which were the result of confusion in which the parties presented legal Mstndhathma, and ended the need to compensate the Iraqi Airways Corporation Kuwaiti counterpart ».

The source, who declined to be named, that «any attempt to remove this issue from its legal context is twisting the facts, Those responsible for the institution of Iraqi Airways knew so well, and that they had tried to open this file in order to reach a settlement, and when we sat down with them to the negotiating table on an informal basis, we asked the Iraqis to give up the amount of compensation, because the establishment of Iraqi Airways do not have this amount, and that the waiver of Kuwait would prepare a show of good faith and a gesture of support and appreciation of the new political system in Iraq that caused the damage is the regime of Saddam Hussein. Our reply was clear, and that such a resolution is not owned by the institution or the government, and that the inherent right of the Kuwaiti parliament ».

The source revealed that the «negotiator Kuwaitis were surprised after the Party of Iraq support its fleet and buy new aircraft worth up to 6 billion dollars and this amount more than four times the size of the compensation, which we have called us to move the case of execution on the basis of the rights guaranteed by our British law ».

The source added that «there are airports and bodies of civil aviation in several countries, waiting for Iraq to implement the benefits of assessments for the interest of either for compensation due to the institution of Iraqi Airways, or what is considered analogous to the services provided Kiiqav Iraqi aircraft on Madarjha and provide them with fuel and ground services to, Since more than five years, specifically in the period before the war to liberate Iraq ».

Director General Civil Aviation Authority of Iraq, Dr. Adnan Blibl told «Middle East»: «I am sorry that this action came from a brotherly Arab country continues to bring an action against an Iraqi company at a time, which was initiated by foreign countries to (Fire) debt against Iraq, and we wait and Arab stance serious reconsideration of this matter, especially of the brothers of Kuwaitis who know very well that Iraq has defended everyone in the first Gulf War (the Iraq war - Iran) and sacrificed hundreds of thousands of young people, money and a lot ». He added: «Everyone knows that Iraq is currently one of hopeful countries in various fields, and the movement of trade between Iraq and Kuwait is very large, and sections of Iraq is open to Arab and foreign investors, and which, if exploited brothers Kuwaiti this aspect to be in a position to positively contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq. Means progress and progress throughout the region ».

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