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In the fifty-second anniversary of the glorious revolution of July 14

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Statement of the Iraqi Communist Party

In the fifty-second anniversary of the glorious revolution of July 14

O daughters and sons of the Iraqi people!

O-makers of the July Revolution and glories!

For the second session back in July of fertility and the revolution and the tender, Venanvi anniversary of the light and dear to fourteenth day.

And the right of us to celebrate today, as yesterday celebrated again and again!

After half a century and more of that day Altmosze in 1958 .. Look around us and examine the features of modern Iraq, Vestrai our attention among the first to draw, which left us by July 14 Albania: From the cities and neighborhoods for the toiling and middle-class, spearheaded by the city of revolution, and plants and industrial projects across Iraq, the different, and is carried out on behalf of "Iraq's oil to Iraqis, "and Law No. 80, and smashed in the countryside under the title:" those who farmed the land. "

And filled with a sense of satisfaction and pride, when we remember the great legal accomplished the revolution, July 14 made the kind of Iraqi women dedicated, represented by the personal law of the forthcoming year 1959, which has been praise of life, year after year, decade after decade.

Sensitive to the sights and fun, while the spirit of July 14 are feeling creative, embodied in the immortal done by the artist Jawad Salim - as tall as the Monument of Liberty in the heart of Baghdad.

Before and after that, we remember the unique feel of national pride, when it returns us the living memory to the moments of the Declaration of resolutions July 14 to get out of the Baghdad Pact, and the restoration of two databases Habbaniyah and Shuaiba, and emancipation of the mass of sterling, and other things that could not have been talking, instead of Him, for achieving sovereignty Nadzen and independence.

We have achieved all of this and other achievements, in the Sea of four and a half years, is the sum of the age of the Republic of July 14.

And Ptugeh first and especially to satisfy the urgent needs of the people and the country's political, social, economic and cultural rights: work, housing, and productive land, and culture, and basic rights for women, and the interests of national, had reversed the clear nature of the National Democratic and Social Council, the revolution of July 14 and its transfer.

Iajmahir the Iraqi people

It was natural for the revolution on July 14, is the fruit of the common struggle of parties and national political forces combined in the front of the National Union, the Arab, Kurdish and other nationalities, civil and military, that the warning itself and devote all the resources of the country in a way her first, in particular, the issues of disadvantaged people, the masses of people large, middle-class producers and to the intellectuals, culture and creativity.

Has adopted the revolutionary government issues and demands of the public infrastructure, and has striven to achieve. So I turned the masses of people around, and sheltered it from the treachery of power and anti-saturated groups affected. Until today, despite all the masses given to this later From the hardship and violence that has enveloped, easy to February 63 coup seekers to implement their sinfulness, are still kept in heart the memory of the leaders of the revolution, first and foremost leader Abdul Karim Kassem, known for its national integrity and sincerity.

Today we are taking back the memory of the revolution, July 14, and the recall is carried out for the benefit of the people and the poor, in our living conditions were more difficult.

Have passed four months and some of the month to hold elections, without providing any of the powerful blocs, preoccupied in the fight for power and wealth, for example, listening to the voice of reason, and putting the public interest over private interests, and to show realism and flexibility in dealing, and a readiness to retreat a little bit to be competitors meet in the middle of the road, and for the benefit of Iraqis and Iraq.

The upshot is that what has been achieved through the election process, and supported by no real desire to address the great dilemmas that haunt the whole society, namely, the dilemma of governance, are facing a situation we turned into an intractable, bus daily suffering, and fraught with risks for the country, and the additional hardships for the Iraqis.

Case that led to creating an atmosphere of anticipation, waiting and uncertainty and lack of clarity in the overall picture of the situation and the continuation of government activity under the terms of reference of dubious from a constitutional standpoint, leading to curb economic activity and investment decisions to disable some of the major joints and paralyzed the state and its organs. These conditions also prevented so far prevented the activation of 115 thousand benefit from the degree of functionality, provided by the state budget for the current year. The news cast a heavy shadow and other people's lives, and increased their plight.

This has provided the And provides a breeding ground not only for the recovery of the forces of terrorism and crime, but also to foreign interference in our internal affairs, and demilitarization of the country which has achieved little by little over the years in various fields, and push back towards the first box. So what is rejected by the vast majority of the masses of the Iraqi people, expressed and will reflect other times, and the various forms of peaceful and democratic, dissatisfaction, protest, and condemnation and denunciation to handle irresponsible on the part of the political blocs powerful, with the country's conditions deteriorating, and to ignore the harsh reality of feeling the brunt millions of Iraqis.

O daughters and sons of the Iraqi people

I have always asked the Government and the true national unity, far from the logic of sectarian and national, and the problem on the basis of active participation in decision-making, according to national standards, efficiency and integrity. The tasks big, but awesome, that must be achieved on the way out the people and the country, from the circle of degradation, underdevelopment and destruction in other fields, can not be addressed only through concerted efforts the national political forces and the integration of capabilities, within the Government of the University of strong, unified.

What Iraq needs now is empty and waiting patiently, not the government to extinguish the fire, and analgesics, and prosthetic solutions to difficult problems that lie ahead. But need a government that is able to accomplish the tasks of large national, political tasks - security, social, economic, cultural and other, all of which are difficult and complex. Only hope that such a government has receded and is elusive in the light of the attitudes and behavior of menus winner and powerful forces that have pushed the country into political crisis putting the country before the potential development of a risk.

Finally .. Consider eloquent lesson July 14, to the effect that the program sponsor's safe to chart a way towards resolving the persistent problems, is a program that combines the tasks of national and democratic, social, economic, cultural, intellectual and other, in the crucible of one. It is a program that put the interests of Iraqis and Iraq, primarily from the concern of the leaders of government and policy makers.

Long live the revolution of July 14, and lived fifty-second anniversary!

And the glory of the people and army, Ajtrhaha, and rip through the victory!

Central Committee

للحزب الشيوعي العراقي The Iraqi Communist Party
12 تموز 2010 July 12, 2010

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