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Defeat In Iraq Will Quicken The End Of Western Domination

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Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Defeat In Iraq Will Quicken The End Of Western Domination

By Dr. Sawraj Singh

America is withdrawing its combat troops from Iraq this month. This is being clearly perceived as a defeat in the region. Not only is this perceived as a defeat for the West but also as a victory for Iran. Many people in Iraq feel that Iran will fill the vacuum left by America. The question is what did America achieve in Iraq?

Tariq Aziz former Iraqi Deporty Prime Minister said,” For 30 years Saddam built Iraq and now it is destroyed. There are more sick than before, more hungry. The people do not have services. People are killed every day in the tens, if not hundreds”. He also said, “We are all victims of America and Britain. They killed our country in many ways. When you make a mistake, you need to correct a mistake, not leave Iraq to its death”.

It is quite clear that America did not achieve any of its goals for invading Iraq. Not only, Iraq has become now more unstable, but the whole region has become more unstable. It is not just in Iraq that America faced a defeat, but a defeat in Afghanistan looks very likely. After all, the decision to withdraw forces from Iraq was taken so that America can win the war in Afghanistan.

If the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could not be won then how do we imagine winning against Iran. Iran is a much more formidable adversary than Iraq or Afghanistan. Iraq and Afghanistan did not have followers outside their countries. I consider Afghanistan and Pakistan as one unit, because for all practical purposes, the Islamic fundamentalists control both Afghanistan and Pakistan. However, the war in Afghanistan is still limited to those two countries.

A war with Iran will not be limited to Iran alone or to Iran and Iraq. Iranians can take the war to the strant of hormuz and disrupt the Western oil supply. This would give the final blow to the already sick Western economy. The Western capitalist economy is facing the most serious crisis and probably will not be able to survive a severe blow such as disruption of its oil supply. Oil has become the life line of the Western capitalist economy.

Iran can also attack Israel as well as encourage its allies in Lebanon to attack Israel. The last time Israel fought the Hezbollah in Lebanon, it was a very bitter experience for Israel. Most of the Israel’s newspapers considered that war a defeat for Israel. This time the outcome can be much worse for Israel. From the 1967 war to the last war with Hezbollah; one can clearly see a pattern of Israel losing its supremacy in the region. This trend is unlikely to be reversed.

America is also trying to encircle and provoke China. First, America joined with South Korea to hold massive naval exercises in the yellow sea; in spite of strong objections by China. Now America has aligned itself with Vietnam and is planning joint exercises. America has openly sided with Vietnam on the question of sovereignty over the Islands in South China Sea. These Islands are claimed by China. However, the other South East Asian countries also claim these Islands. America has directly and openly interfered in this conflict. Obviously, America is upping the stakes and is openly provoking and challenging china for a show down. China will have no choice but to respond to the American provocation and challenge. If the Chinese do not show a strong reaction then they will not only lose face in Asia but can alienate their own people.

The new Chinese missile Dong Feng 21D can put an end to the American domination. This missile can attack the most advanced U.S. aircraft carriers such as the USS George Washington. This can bring to close the chapter of the Western gun boat diplomacy, which has been practiced one way or the other in the last two centuries.

One way or the other, the Western domination of the last two centuries is going to end soon. Whether it is Iran and the Islamic fundamentalists or the Chinese who will give the final blow, this is the only thing which remains to be determined.

Nobody should have any doubt about the fact that the Western domination and the American era have already outlived their life span. The American and the Western diplomacy should not seek an unachievable goal but should concentrate on what can be realistically achieved.

America and the West should accept the fact that the Old World order cannot continue and the New World order of a multipolar World is not just an idea but is a reality. The Global Community should come together and work on how to make the transition from the old to the new world order more tolerable and acceptable. The West should give up arrogance and for once try humility. Arrogance will assure destruction while humility can save the World.


WOW....guy sure don't speak to well about America.....thanks LK


MrsCK wrote:WOW....guy sure don't speak to well about America.....thanks LK

perhaps the good Dr. ought to do a little research on what a couple of ticked off marines can accomplish
like the Hymn says....From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli (wasn't the those pirates from Muslim country's?)

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