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U.S. troops remaining in Iraq were involved in the fighting

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U.S. troops remaining in Iraq were involved in the fighting

Posted Today, 05:33 AM
Voice of Iraq) - 21/08/2010

Saturday, August 21st, 2010
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Washington - AFP - U.S. officials said the remaining troops in Iraq will continue to pursue their missions and combat Islamic militants in the fight against terrorism, despite their conversion to provide «Counselling and training» the Iraqi army.

The United States, withdrawal of the last combat battalion from Iraq Thursday that «a historic moment», seven years after the invasion that toppled the regime of President Saddam Hussein.

Despite the fact that the fifty thousand soldiers who remained in Iraq will no longer be the official was assigned to the fighting after the first of September (September), they will be well-armed has been engaged in the hunt for the «base» and other extremists.

A spokesman for the U.S. Defense Department (Pentagon) for the U.S. television network «MSN NBC»: «I do not think that no one announced the end of the war so far». He added that «the fight against terrorism continues to be part of their duties», referring to fighting a network of activists.

And work forces that have remained within the framework of «six battalions advisory and training», through participation in the operations at the request of the authorities in Baghdad and entrusting the Iraqi units.

Said Maj. Christopher Perrin: »We will continue to work together to fight against terrorism», in an effort «to help the Iraqi security forces to keep the pressure on extremist networks and protect the citizens of Iraq».

The American battalion equipped with the six mechanisms and a remotely piloted aircraft, and dog teams to detect bombs in the roads, with experts in intelligence and logistics.

Revealed the recent bombings of the threat still posed by the organization «Qaeda» and others in Iraq with the organization was subjected to severe blows to the murders of its leaders and the lack of funding.

The Special Operations Commander, Brigadier General Patrick Higgins told the newspaper «Washington Post» this month that the structure of «base» in Iraq «is still semi-intact».

In spite of the reduction of combat troops in Iraq, Special Operations Command will remain focused on combating terrorism, the same size (4500 military).

The United States set to change the mission of its troops in Iraq for months, specifically since June (June 2009) when it assumed responsibility to the Iraqi security forces in major cities. Morrell said «not going to wage any military operations on our own as of this moment». He added: «When I want to hunt down an evil person and want to help us ask for and Senlahakh together». He said U.S. forces have the right to defend itself in any mode «When it is necessary».

The U.S. military presence will continue with the decline to a large extent, for a long time after 2011 the deadline for all U.S. forces leave Iraq, under the security agreement. He said commanders of the two countries, said Iraq may need help from U.S. forces after this date.

He said U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates last week: «We are open to discussion, but the initiative must come from the Iraqis».

The Iraqi Army Chief of Staff Babacar Zebari said last week that Iraqi forces will not be able to completely take over the security file, before 2020, and will need American support so far.
Dar Al Hayat

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