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China takeover?

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1 China takeover? on Mon Jan 17, 2011 10:03 am


Idaho - Communist Chinese Invasion

The Chinese Communist Party is the majority owner of a company that is looking to build a self-sustained city, with international airport, in Boise Idaho. The fact that the Chinese Communist Party also owns the Chinese military, and has made repeated threats against American interests, is lost on Idaho politicians.

"The proposal could get a boost from this year’s voter-approved constitutional amendment that allows the airport to borrow money to build facilities that can be leased to companies on a long-term basis. The airport commission also has the authority to grant long-term leases and landing rights to air carriers, including those from China." (Source)

The fact that Chinese Communists would have the ability to bring in military equipment undetected, if such a lease were given, seems to escape the Governor of the State of Idaho, who visited China and extended the offer to the Communists to do business in his state.

For those of you wondering how many American jobs this proposal would create, the answer is zero, nada, none. In essence we are talking about a Communist Chinese, self-contained community, on American soil. Other Idaho projects seem equally mystifying.

The Idaho Regional Center, a company developing the Gold Hill Mine near Placerville and Blackhawk on the River near McCall, has millions of dollars in escrow from Chinese investors awaiting approval of green cards from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Once approved, the money will be released and the gold processing plant is expected to go into production, said Sima Muroff, head of the regional center.

Several other regional centers have started in the state. They allow investors a chance to get green cards in exchange for investments of $500,000 to $1 million.

In the United States, it is possibly to invest in foreign companies without becoming a citizen of their country. The fact that the money from these Chinese Communist "investors" is conditioned on their being approved for Green Card's should also raise a few eyebrows. A simple Visa would allow them to visit their mining property.

These colonization efforts, at a time when the situation in North Korea could escalate into World War III, seem to be dubious at best. China is preparing for war with the United States and its Asian Allies:

"CHINA is preparing for conflict ''in every direction'', its Defence Minister says.

''In the coming five years, our military will push forward preparations for military conflict in every strategic direction,'' General Liang Guanglie said in an interview published by state-backed newspapers in China.

''We may be living in peaceful times, but we can never forget war, never send the horses south or put the bayonets and guns away.'' (Source)

These Chinese Communist business ventures on American show very little benefit, if any, for the America Economy. Communist Chinese Communities employing, well, Chinese Communists to compete with American businesesses that hire American workers just seems like a bad idea.

"A year ago, China froze substantive military relations in protest at US arms sales to Taiwan and relations deteriorated further this summer when China objected to US plans to deploy a nuclear aircraft carrier, the USS George Washington, in the Yellow Sea off the Korean Peninsula.

China also announced this month it was preparing to launch its own aircraft carrier next year. The news emerged a year earlier than many US defence analysts had predicted.

China is also working on a ballistic missile that could sink aircraft carriers from afar, fundamentally reordering the balance of power in a region dominated by the US since the end of World War II." (Ibid)

Keeping your friends close and your enemies closer might not be the best policy for the people of Idaho. While the average American continues to endure the humiliation of TSA strip-searches and pat downs, giving a known enemy unimpeded access to your international airports, without any oversight, seems a little out of whack.

More china takeover crap......

The US government allowed China to take over the old Long Beach, Calif. Naval Station to turn it into the China Overseas Shipping Company (COSCO) shipping terminal.

China got lucrative drilling contracts off the coast of Brazil.....that Obama and crew paid for the research.

China keeps getting more power within the IMF while trying to maintain status of "emerging market" so they wont have to abide by the rules, like presently keeping their currency artificially low so they can continue to short sheet the world economy.

China presently drilling in Texas.....got a lot of media attention didn't it?

Several others also.....far from interesting IMO.....downright pathetic is more like it.

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