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NO removal Allawi, Kuwait file, port...just full of info

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Iraqi parliament NO removal Allawi

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16-06-2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Thursday, June 16, 2011
BAGHDAD - Jawdat Kadhim

Denied «Iraqi List» received a request from the Presidency of the parliament to replace the eight deputies to attend meetings, including the leader of the list by Iyad Allawi, who had announced his intention to question the Prime Minister.

The decision of Parliament Mohammed Khalidi denied yesterday afternoon was quoted by local media coverage of eight Vice-President of the coalition, including Ayad Allawi, the law of the replacement of Representatives because of absence from parliamentary sessions. The law replaced an existing member already in the rules of procedure «but needs to be political consensus for its implementation».

Parliament yesterday and listened to a summary of the results of the talks and the ministers of transport and foreign affairs in Kuwait.

The leader of the «Iraq» Fattah al-Sheikh said in a statement to «life» that «the list did not receive written notice of the Presidency of the parliament requires the replacement head of the list by Iyad Allawi, another candidate calls list». The «If we receive a formal notification in the form we will have a decisive stand on this issue, which some are trying to activate at a critical time».

The modern replacement for Allawi, days after announcing his intention to question al-Maliki in his capacity as deputy to the accusation «Iraq» to the Prime Minister of using public money to devote his party and support the families and conduct demonstrations in favor of it.

It seemed that the news broadcast yesterday morning and found great success in political circles and endorsed the validity of a number of politicians, including a Kurdish lawmaker Mahmoud Othman, said in a statement to «life» that «the decision of the presidency of the parliament is not a critical fact that the Presidency of the parliament belonging to the Iraqi List, and therefore it is not subject to polemics or exaggerations, but governed by rules of procedure of Parliament and this can not skip it or be subjected to compliment ».

It consists of the Presidium of the Parliament of the leader of the «Iraq» Osama Nujaifi president, Kurdish leader Aref Tayfur, a member of «al-Sadr» Qusay al-Suhail Vice-Chairmen.

The Parliament approved in its internal mechanisms to punish absent from its meetings include fines and up to replace the user in the event of absences exceeded the allowable limit. However, most of those sanctions did not apply and is not replaced by any member because of his absence.

Observers are likely to be aired on most of the leaks that the Iraqi media as a formal decision of Parliament and the means of pressure on Allawi in the scope of mutual recriminations between political parties.

Furthermore, he informed the minister of transport and Hadi al-Amiri Foreign Affairs Hoshyar Zebari, the parliament, the results of work of the Committee set up by the Iraqi government to determine the damage sustained by the country in case constructed Kuwait Port Mubarak Al-Kabir near the navigation channel in Iraq.

The media advisor to the Ministry of Transport Karim Nouri, said in a statement to «life» that «the Minister of Transport put forward the results of the visit by the government delegation to Kuwait to discuss the draft port of Mubarak Al-Kabeer to be built at the waterway to Iraq and to discuss proposals drawn up by the ministry to solve the port of Kuwait». He explained that «the Minister of Transport had prepared a detailed explanation of the results of the visit and briefed by the Prime Minister to determine the position of Iraq from Kuwaiti project». He pointed out that the minister «responded to questions sent to him by the Presidency of the Council of Representatives for Port Mubarak, along with a mechanism to build the Iraqi port of Faw quickly».

He added that «the ministry tried to stay away from media hype and the escalation of what was done by some parties to find solutions and address the root of this issue in particular that the file is Iraqi - Kuwaiti heavy outstanding problems left behind by the former regime».

A source at the Foreign Ministry said in a statement to «life» that «his ministry will review the role that would do to resolve the file as appropriate for the port of Kuwait and the development of the relationship between Iraq and Kuwait».

The source pointed out that «the Foreign Minister will unveil the maps of the port of Kuwait and its extensions inside Iraqi waters and provide a detailed explanation of the consequences of the construction of the port».

He added that «the view of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry indicate that the project exceeded the Kuwaiti and injustice to the Iraqi side Valmiina impede navigation in the shared waters, and contrary to Security Council resolution 833».

The Director of Ports Company Salah Aboud Khudair that the continuation of drilling operations, reclamation and the extension of the breakwater and pier service for the project will convert part of the Kuwaiti navigational channel to the island of Iraq.

He noted in a press statement that the Port of San Mubarak will extend a length of 1800 meters away last point of which is 300 meters away from the navigational channel, which significantly affects the movement of ships entering the country.

He pointed out that changing the location of the port distance of five miles away from the navigational channel solve the Iraqi crisis.
Dar Al Hayat

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