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Finance and Economy Board of Baghdad: Assessing the new tariff law need tim

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Of the Finance and Economy Board of Baghdad: Assessing the new tariff law need time Today at 6:58 pm

_ Special Baghdad Post

Confirmed the Financial and Economic Committee in the governorate of Baghdad on Friday that the positive results of the application of tariff law need time to appearance of the eye, noting that the Iraqi market is suffering dumping of foreign goods at the expense of local goods.

Said committee member Nawal El Sadek's "Baghdad Post" that "the application of tariff law will have positive returns on the economic reality in the capital Baghdad and will be returned to Iraqi industry revitalization through the open labs and factories to shut it down by earlier."

Sadiq explained that "the features of the positive results of the tariff law does not become clear until after the passage of time that the Iraqi market, particularly Baghdad, flooded by imported goods requires time to discharge by the merchants."

The Iraqi government authorized the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to prepare a draft law that would suspend the decision of the Tariff No. 22 for the year 2010 and until further notice, where it was supposed to work in the March / March. The Ministry of Finance announced that the application of tariff law began in the middle of this month.


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