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Secret telegram reveals a plot to bomb Central Bank and the prison Tasfirat in Rusaf

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Secret telegram reveals a plot to bomb Central Bank and the prison Tasfirat in Rusafa
Baghdad / Specific (people)

Posted 23/07/2011 08:04 PM

Put security out on a chart designed to blow up the Central Bank and the prison Tasfirat in Rusafa.
included cable secret security issued got (people), a copy of the power of terrorist made ​​up of dozens of people are planning to blow up the Central Bank with the connivance of some employees of the police kept the judge and the other force plans to blow up Rusafa prison near the playground of the people and the process will be after the complicity of a number of security forces in the area with the terrorists and to facilitate the (mission)!
and requests the cable of all security agencies to check that information and take the utmost caution and surveillance zones around constantly to thwart any suicide operation by they occur.
did not specify the cable aim of the bombing of the Central Bank only pointing out that the bank will be the target of a terrorist attack could occur soon
and asked telegram issued on 11 July the current security details to intensify its presence in the places mentioned to foil any plot against the citizens or government institutions, security and collection information about terrorist plans to fail before it took effect
and the Central Bank of Iraq has been subjected to several bombings and set up investigative committees to find out the reasons and backgrounds of those operations, but the committee did not announce the findings, making the door open for Takrsat and probability Altcolat
Among what has been the force of the Party politician has burned documents at the central bank with a link to corruption is that the government did not deny not confirm the rumors. on the other hand said the Iraqi Interior Ministry said its security forces have arrested what it called the largest terrorist group linked to al Qaeda said it recognized the implementation of more than 100 assassination weapons, seals and packaging adhesives.

She said in a statement that the group headed by the official assassinations in Baghdad and his assistant, responsible for the assassination of the Executive Director of the Accountability and Justice Ali al-Lami, a number of officers and judges.

She noted that this group has the largest two armed robberies on shops goldsmiths in Mansour neighborhood west of Baghdad, the second Secretary-east of Baghdad.

She said the group planned to try to escape from the prison inmates fight against terrorism, indicating that the military official for the group explosives belt blew himself up in the holy door while trying to arrest him.

She said that they seized "the largest factory for the manufacture of seals weapons and improvised explosive devices" without specifying the place or the date of the operation.


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