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Iraq hopes to restore its role on the Arab and regional and international

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Iraq hopes to restore its role on the Arab and regional and international

Tarek al-Hashemi Iraqi Vice President need to work quickly to Iraq’s foreign Ttaiwiralaqat leading role assigned to the restoration of Arab, regional and international levels, noting that this requires the adoption of a comprehensive vision and a sober and realistic foreign policy wise and nationally agreed.
Hashemi said in remarks to reporters here today that the political behavior and media statements of Iraqi officials should be based on a political vision that take into account the interests of Iraq, regional and international, working to strengthen the strategic niche in the region, expressing his belief that Iraq is suffering weakness in foreign relations, and attributed this weakness to the confusion located within the political process.
He said Iraqi Vice President’s foreign policy is a reflection of the national situation and that it wants Iraq to be unsuccessful in its external relations, the by requirements of national internal and due to meet to the world the reality of the independence of the Iraqi decision to believe that Iraq for all Iraqis and deal with them being in accordance with the Constitution and the principle of justice and equality.
For his part, Hoshyar Zebari, Iraq’s Foreign Minister again his country’s readiness to host the Arab Summit Conference at its twenty-third in March, said in a statement to Qatar News Agency today that Arab foreign ministers urge during their meeting in the month of September, the date of the Arab summit, “We willing to be held in Baghdad. “
He noted that Iraq is seeking to regain its role and position in the Arab and international action after the liberation from the constraints of the provisions of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.
In another MP from the coalition of Iraqi Qais Cdhir that the “Iraqi List” will attend the meeting of leaders of political blocs to be held next Saturday at the home of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani … and he said in a statement to reporters today that Iraq will not give up due, in particular the terms of the Erbil because it is the foundation on which it formed the government, but there is no objection to its implementation, especially as the remaining decisions are not difficult to implement. “
He noted that the Iraqi List to accept not to vote for the National Council for the strategic policy because of claims that it is unconstitutional and illegal, why was approved on the basis of that vote or endorsement gives him the legitimacy ..
The saw Abdul-Mahdi al-Khafaji, a member of the House of Representatives for the rule of law there is no need to form a National Council for the strategic policy and said that the composition is to please people. Liberal bloc pledges to political resistance to extension of U.S. troops
Revealed an MP for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Ohoaq dry that the mass of waiting for the resolution naming
the Ministries of Defense and Interior to put its candidate for intelligence, said that the National Alliance object to the nomination of Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi for the defense portfolio arguing that rejection as to possess a friendly relationship with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and a stiffening of the positions between the parties.
She added that there are conditions of the personality, which holds the defense portfolio is to be independent, efficient and experienced field and able to develop military plans and field claim the Prime Minister to take into consideration the characteristics of conditional to take this bag, not personal relationships As for the intelligence service confirmed that the device is settled to the coalition Kurdistan, noting that there is a personal device will receive this but will be announced in due time.
The MP for the Liberal block Djiashi Khalid has told reporters that his bloc will be followed by all kinds of political resistance in case the extension of U.S. troops, and withdraw from the government.
He said the Liberal bloc rejects extension to the survival of the occupation forces under any pretext and demands of their coming out fully and unconditionally in the case of extended survival, the bloc would withdraw from the government because it can not work with the Government of flimsy and incomplete sovereignty, he said.
He added, in case of extended survival of the troops after the end of 2011, we follow the path of political resistance through our ministers who are in government, as well as members of the House of Representatives on the mass of the Liberals and continued resistance to be taken to follow the Sadrist movement is in many ways the first of district meetings of the Council of Representatives may reach the situation to get out from the government because we do not want to work with the Government is working with the occupation forces, wondering if any of these forces and why should the government presence at all.
He stressed that the Iraqi security forces are able to save the file security in the country much better than the “forces of occupation.”

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