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Meeting in London marketing Iraq's wealth Sept. 7-8, 2011....HMMMMMMMMMM!

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* Meeting in London in Sept…..article a couple weeks old
August 24th, 2011 07:33 am · Posted in NEWS (Iraq & World Currency)
Meeting in London in Sept…..article a couple weeks old

Iraqi Govt to Announce $Billions of Opportunities in London

10 August 2011.

Billions of dollars worth of investment opportunities are expected to be announced by Iraq’s Minister of Industry and Minerals, H.E. Mr Ahmad Nassir Al-Karbooli (pictured), on 7 September at Iraq Mining 2011 in London, a conference on Iraq industry and materials, including petrochemicals, cement, steel, fertilisers, minerals and construction materials. Investment contracts in these sectors are likely to be presented.

Key Confirmed Attendees and Speakers:

◦H.E. Ahmed Nassir Al Karbooli, Minister of Industry and Minerals
◦Dr. Sami Al Araji, Chairman, Iraq National Investment Commission
◦Dr. Qusay Al-Souhail, First Deputy President of Iraq Parliament
◦H.E. Thamir Ghadhban, Chairman of the Advisory Commission to the Prime Minister
◦Dr. Ahmed al-Shamma, Deputy Minister of Oil◦H.E. Ali al-Adeeb, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
◦H.E. Abdul-Kareem al-Sammaraei, Minister of Science and Technology
◦H.E. Dr Ali al-Dabagh, Minister of State
◦Dr. Kamal H. Latif, Deputy Minister of Environment
◦Dr. Sinan al-Shabibi, Governor of Central Bank of Iraq
The event will also see the unveiling of the most comprehensive geological survey ever conducted on Iraq by the US Geological Survey and Iraq Geosurv. The rigorous study was undertaken over a seven year period and will reveal Iraq’s hidden potential for the first time.
At the two day conference, from 7 – 8 September, the Ministry of Industry and Minerals will be presenting its strategy for creating world-class mining, mineral and material industries in Iraq, which will include PPP schemes and the privatisation of major industries. Plenary sessions and workshops led by the heads of Iraq’s minerals and materials’ industries will also take place, providing opportunities for delegates to discover Iraq’s vast investment opportunities.

Other senior Iraq government officials present will include the First Deputy President of the Iraq Parliament, the Chairman of the Advisory Commission to the Prime Minister, Deputy Ministers, Senior Advisors, Director Generals and the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq as well as top representatives from the banking, business and education sectors – all attending with the sole purpose of carrying out business with potential foreign investors.Dr Abbas al-Hussaini, CEO of Iraq Mining, said: “Iraq Mining 2011 is the culmination of over two years planning to produce the first ever Iraq event to not only showcase Iraq’s mineral wealth, but to create a platform whereby international investors can engage with high level Iraqi decision-makers here in the world’s finance capital – London.”Iraq Mining 2011 has been organised in conjunction with the National Investment Commission of Iraq (NIC), whose role is to support Iraq’s substantial re-engagement with investors from around the world. The NIC has devised generous incentives for foreign investors, who qualify, including: 10 years tax exception; the repatriation of profits from investments; and a three year exemption from import fees for required equipment and materials.

“Iraq is well known for its significant oil and gas reserves but few are aware that it’s rich in minerals,” said Dr Abbas al-Hussaini. “The Mishraq native sulfur deposit in northern Iraq, for example, is the largest known occurrence of stratiform bioepigeneticsulfur making Iraq a potential world leader in sulfur production. After decades of underinvestment, due to conflict and sanctions, Iraq is now actively seeking international investment and expertise to help rebuild its world-class mining, mineral, and material industries.”

This year, foreign investment in Iraq is set to double from $42 billion in 2010, to an estimated $80 billion in 2011, with investment in Iraq already totalling $45 billion so far this year. With such attractive investment incentives and growing confidence in Iraq’s stability, the country is fast gaining recognition as an important and exciting market for foreign investors.


Saw that a few weeks ago, should be HUGE...hope this pops soon! Thx Chev-


How could a conference that big go over without a rate to the dinar? the timing of the 7th and 8th just might be eventful!!


Here's to hopin!!!


gente, please change that avatar,looks like hes eating our jobs and tax dollars up, errrrr


He's just showing his true colors...EVIL


Guess no news on this meeting yet?


Here's an article from yesterday regarding the conference:


Ali al-Adeeb: we have implemented steps to develop investment in the country's natural resources

08/09/2011 19:07

Erbil, September 8 / September (Rn) - The Higher Education Minister Ali al-Adeeb Thursday that his ministry has implemented steps to bring about a "renaissance" at the level of investment of resources and natural wealth in the country.

Ali al-Adeeb The writer was speaking at the Conference of the metal, which is currently being held in London with the participation of the Ministry of Higher Education and a number of Iraqi ministries and institutions.

He said in a statement issued by the Ministry of Education and distributed by e-mail that "steps were directed universities to reconsider the curricula and laboratory experiments and the establishment of specialized universities close to natural resources as well as activating the role of research centers."

The writer added that the ministry has taken other steps in terms of activating the role of educational institutions in the process of investing the country's natural resources, the establishment of a specialized universities and colleges of applied close to the natural resources and by geographical area.

And that these universities included the University of oil and gas in the Qurna district of Basra, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Iron and steel at the site of Iron and Steel Company in Basra province and the Faculty of Engineering Applied to aluminum in the company site of Ur of the aluminum industry in the province of Dhi Qar.

Also included the College of Engineering Applied Akashat phosphate at the site in the province of Anbar and the Faculty of Applied Engineering of sulfur in the Shirqat in Salahuddin province, and the Faculty of Applied Physiology in the province of Maysan, mercury ores and other minerals.

The writer added that the ministry had also to activate the role of specialized research centers affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education and whose number exceeds the 70 centers and a research unit distributed at various universities in all provinces of Iraq.

He said that the centers were "interested in the study of natural resources such as oil, gas and other minerals and requirements to develop methods of extraction, processing and marketing in support of the national economy."

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