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Iraq is a project of economic reform with the participation of 7 international organizations

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Iraq is a project of economic reform with the participation of 7 international organizations

05/09/2011 05/09/2011

.ب Staff / Yasser Hussein incumbent Tgb
.لبلد. Approved the advisers in the Cabinet the institution of high-level that would develop projects economic solution and placed in the hands of the Council acknowledged the existence of the challenges impeding the process of transformation from a centralized to an open system, although it was an item constitutional guarantees to the private sector an active role in driving economic activity in the country.
.This came during a panel discussion titled (and the vision of the role of the advisers in the prime minister in the government's support for the Iraqi private sector), organized by the Iraqi Business Council in the Ramadan evening was the last day of Ramadan. The presence of an active
.د. Broad participation and active for a number of officials including members of parliament and chairman of the consultants Thamer Ghadhban and Hussain Anbuge economic advisor and the advisor industrial d. .د. Hamid Anbari and chairman of the national investment d. .. Sami Araji but reflected the interest and the vision that carried the title of the seminar.
.. The morning and accompanied the economic loop, where a dedicated team began with a welcoming to the Iraqi Business Council Chairman Ibrahim Baghdadi and reviewed the march of the Iraqi private sector and its role in development.
.Joint working group
.. The first speaker was Thamer Ghadban chief advisers in the House of Representatives in his view the great efforts made ​​by the body and aimed to devote conviction of the inevitability of the private sector role in economic development.
.تحدة. Revealed Ghadhban for the first time for the team of experts have been working for four years to develop programs needed reforms in the light of the vision of global experiences undergone by countries in similar circumstances to the circumstances of Iraq and in coordination with international organizations, the World Bank and the European Union and the United Nations, where the formation of a unit missions economic reform initiated by the team of advisers has included serving as President of the Iraqi side and the corresponding people and participants from the United Nations. .Management of the economy
.. He noted that the pattern of Anger-management affairs, economic life in the world is different from what exists in Iraq, hinted that the 80 percent of Germany's exports are the product of the private sector, especially small and medium enterprises.
.. He explained that these task forces have worked to find ways to support the private sector on the other hand, is creating the draft resolutions presented to the legislative reform officials.
.Project of economic reform
.. He noted that the Authority worked through the teams to discuss several topics including a project initiative and the issue of agricultural uses of land and the fragmentation of ownership and the issue of tax reform and banking reform.
.. Anger and revealed that there was a project for the reform of the comprehensive economic co-authored by 7 organizations in the United Nations has provided much assistance to mature this project and is now available to the State Advisory Council for discussion and opinion.

.Competition based on evaluation
.من .. After this Alastard Anger touched to see the body of advisers to support the private sector should not be discrimination between the public and the private sector only through competition, which is the basis of evaluation, stressing the need not to give opportunities and weakens the competitive advantages required.

.The conflict between ancient and modern
.. He said the biggest challenge, but there is respect in the conflict between ancient and modern who does not believe there is reform of those who believe in the old laws may stand a stumbling block to any attempt to change, pointing out that we need to devote time to the new concepts of change and reform.
في .. In return, there is a responsibility on the private sector to be a pioneer in the revival of Iraq and to provide the desired lot to contribute in response to the old one. .لدولة.. He repeated: that the vision of the advisers to the role of the private sector that the way open for Iraq and on the threshold of significant economic renaissance and we need citizen support for these trends in the role of the state to be directed and planned and leave the implementation in the hands of the private sector under the supervision of the state ..
.The private sector is the economy and the state administration is
بعد.لخاص. That occur after an economic advisor to Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Hussain Anbuge, who summed up the view that the economic doctrine based on the grounds that the private sector is the economy and the state administration and is referred to the concepts of Keynesian theory, stressing faith in the private sector.

.State sponsor and honorable
.حتما. He said that late taking off because the State's role and involvement in production because it is the custodian and honorable and the patron of this is the role of the state, not production, and must work to pay the private sector to lead the production process and that this inevitably requires the support of the state.

.The cost of corruption to the private sector
.. He added that the advisers tend to encourage the building the institutions of a competitive, adding that corruption for the private sector is the extra cost, while representing a gain or a gain for the public sector so the leadership of the private sector for production will contribute to the undermining of corruption and said: You must be leadership to the private sector as an important element in elements to achieve economic development and the experiences of the world the best proof of this thing.
... And hinted that many officials have a vision in the development of large hedges on capital in the belief that they are keen for him to go to that safeguards are in place hinder the development ..

.ناعي Strategy to develop industrial sector
.د. Adviser to the detection of the industrial advisory board d. حميد .. Anbari Hamid in his speech that the body has formed a committee in the year 2008 mission study the reality of Iraq's industry, businesses and factories were stalled or civil government of this Committee worked quietly but there has been nothing because the conflict and collide Syatea cit.
... Anbari revealed that he was setting a strategy for private sector development in 2010 include the employment of laboratory medium billion dollars has been allocated for lending to the march of private sector banks and to support civil ..
كما .. The Committee also worked on a recommendation to postpone the schedule of taxes and debts owed ​​to the right of industrialists from the private sector, thus giving them the opportunity to run their factories.
كما.حيح. It was also stressed on the need to develop an advanced industrial cities, similar to what exists in Turkey, the UAE, but we encounter problems during complex coordination between industry and the provincial councils and continue to work to put rail on the right track.

.Industrial Initiative
.. Anbari revealed that the new trend is towards industrial initiative for the development of the private sector and this trend needs some time.
.. He referred to the vision of the advisers to support and develop the technology clusters of the elements of youth and lay the foundations for the development of factories for the operation of this important segment.
بعد.. After that the effects of MP Abdul-Abbas Xiaa subject in strengthening the good relationship between the private sector and the state is certain importance in the development of Alamlualanteg. During his speech he urged the state to the need to expand the role of the private sector and give him the opportunity to prove its capabilities in the construction and development.
Review of laws
.. The second intervention was the expert investment Thaer Faili call, which focused on the need to reconsider the laws and regulations that hamper investment and believes that the private sector is under siege and a warrior because of the ignorance of the few who Aaon its importance in the investment

.Lifting the ban on private banks
اما.. The banking expert Husam Obaid Ali, Chairman of Bank of the economy for investment, he called to identify the problems of the banking sector to launch its role in supporting the programs of construction, investment and raised in place to prevent government departments and ministries to deal with private banks and called for action to lift the ban on banks to contribute to its performance in a required in the development and the loop may have addressed the problems faced by the private banking sector advisory board and try to support this sector for its important role in meeting the requirements of development.

. الا. Then outlined the chief advisers Thamer Ghadban in his answers for questions businessmen and bankers involved in the ring to see the body of the future that he will work to address the challenges facing the private sector as a whole through laws and legislation strong and the direction of giving the main role in the leadership of the economic process and economic transformation desired. And said: We wait to resolve the conflict between the central and decentralized in the near future, according to the Constitution and the requirements of transformation and change, and it is only a matter of time.

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