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Director, Center for deposit in the Iraqi Stock Exchange: 87 companies registered .. And shareholders are invited to submit their stock certificates

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Director, Center for deposit in the Iraqi Stock Exchange: 87 companies registered .. And shareholders are invited to submit their stock certificates


The number of companies registered in the depository status of the Iraqi market, Iraq Stock Exchange (87) accept the registration of the company after the Islamic Bank Corporation and the company of Iraqi dates. This was announced by the "morning" Managing Director of the SDC Iraqi Ahmed and Salim Amin said that the capital of companies registered in the center of (2.49) trillion shares and deposited them (1.534) trillion shares by deposit amounted to (61.6) percent.

He explained that all listed companies were distributed among 7 sectors are the banking sector by 22 companies, 6 companies of the agricultural sector, and hotels by 10 companies and 25 companies for the industrial sector, and insurance by 5 companies, 10 companies of the sector, service, and investment by 9 companies, bringing the number of companies registered 87 As we stated at the beginning of the modern.

The proportion of deposits to the capital of the company amounted to (64.13) percent for the banking sector, followed by the Agricultural Bank by (25.95) percent and the hotel sector (46.54) percent and the industrial sector (45.44) percent and insurance (54.41) percent, followed by the service by (62.75) percent, and finally sector investment (46.71) percent and thus the percentage of the overall deposit capital of the seven sectors (61.60) percent.

And on the question of the "morning" about the size of deposits of shareholders and investors to non-Iraqis and deposited in the center of a sound deposit as explained at (408 273) billion shares, or by deposit of 16.39 percent of the total deposits of the center.
While the total number of shares deposited to the Centre during the month of October (66.138) billion shares distributed on (69) companies out of (87) company and issued banking sector, the volume of deposits, amounting to (49.7) billion shares during the month, followed by sector (industrial), The volume of deposit (14) billion shares.

Salim said that the center has opened (1371) account for shareholders and investors, while the total number of share certificates deposited by (2244) certificate, and enter (12 072) IPO and capitalization, and the number of mortgage executed (49) the rate of (23.582) billion shares and the number of lifting operations mortgage on the stock amounted to (19) the rate of (434.579) million shares during the month of October / 2011.

Note that the status of the Iraqi deposit continues to provide its services to the beneficiaries of SDC and they (the Iraqi market for securities - companies - brokerage companies - the shareholders and investors - and any recipient of services of the Centre).

And that the duties of the center of other issuing lists of shareholders, as well as issuing lists of depositors and depositors of the joint stock companies and make bookings and mortgage received by the center of the relevant authorities and the conduct of inheritance and give family and transfers of shares between brokerage firms or transfer the shares of brokerage firms to SDC and vice versa, and building the request of the shareholder and make the process of capitalization and IPO shareholders in joint stock companies and deposit their accounts open at the center of a direct deposit.

He called on shareholders' shareholding companies to deposit their stock certificates in the center position to be able to add the shares resulting from capitalization and underwriting them and follow up their investments properly and is easier to track investment portfolios.

And thus can be said for the shareholder and investor from pursuing its investment portfolio through the statements issued by the Center for the beneficiary, according to his request.

And director of the Center concluded that the center of deposit Iraqi launched this month its website, where possible follow-up activities of the center, statistics and Help the Central Depository and to contribute to spreading the culture of the Stock Exchange and Central Depository.


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