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Detention of 4 Americans in Baghdad, gunmen suspected of including

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Detention of 4 Americans in Baghdad, gunmen suspected of including

13.01.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - including two women .. And carrying pistols with silencers
Baghdad: «Middle East»
The Governor of Baghdad, Salah Abdul Razzaq, on Thursday, that his guards detained four Americans armed men, including two women, on suspicion of them for roaming in the popular area of Baghdad without coordination with local authorities. The governor said in a telephone conversation with agency French press, that «the four Americans, including two women were arrested when they were walking around in civilian model car (BMW) do not carry a gray figures in the diplomatic district Ahalchip (north) on suspicion of them». He added that «Americans four were wearing bulletproof vests and plain clothes and carrying guns, silencers and machine guns, automatic, when my guards stopped them with roaming in this area popular which includes only shops are few and home of the Governor». The Governor emphasized that «the police took them to the headquarters of Sixth Brigade, Iraqi Army, to conduct the preliminary investigation, in which they stated they were trying to assess the security situation ». was not available for comment from the U.S. Embassy. He said Abdul Razak that «the way this movement is suspicious and suspicion», saying they «do not act in coordination with security agencies and local authorities, and this is contrary to law, and can not travel this way alone, without informing the authorities». He pointed out that «a delegation from the U.S. Embassy to go to the headquarters of the band to attend the investigation, was not known whether the embassy was unaware of their mission, whether or not». stressed the governor «We are a local authority, and if I need them to help provide them, but they can not be rotated on their own armed, they may be exposed to kidnapping or murder, and we want to keep them ». He said that he «had been no incident of kidnapping of foreigners in Iraq four years ago because of our precautionary measures». The subject of foreign delegations that move in Baghdad and throughout Iraq, including special procedures to obtain approvals from official bodies, in addition to the presence of guards with her.

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