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What does it mean out of Iraq from 000 Chapter VII sanctions-SEE BOLD

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What does it mean out of Iraq from 000 Chapter VII sanctions

26-06-2013 | (Voice of Iraq) | printable version
Since 23 years, Iraq is suffering from international sanctions imposed on him because of the adventures indiscretions of the former regime and Jtiaha of Kuwait in 1990 and since then, he weighed under penalty of sanctions, the seventh item and pay the price of the rights and money of the Iraqi people is scheduled to hold the UN Security Council on Thursday a special session on The final steps to resolve the outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait, which will be voted to lift Iraq from Chapter VII and converted to Chapter VI and is nothing but a few hours 000 and all Iraqis rejoice good Ptkhals their country of this item and move on to Section VI did not come this victory and this done only after unremitting efforts and meetings intensive interview parties government and Iraqi national, headed by His Eminence the late Abdul Aziz al-Hakim (may Allah have mercy on him) who carried the worries of Iraq between sidearms and travel to the United States and his meeting with U.S. President and personalities from the US congress and permanent members of the international organization and since then, the contacts are continuing with the Kuwaiti side to strengthen brotherly relations and positive was the signing of several agreements and border demarcation and the payment of compensation and memoranda of understanding paved the ground for solutions to contribute to raising the inequity and injustice suffered by the Iraqi people as a result of a policy regime buried, thank God, has carried out Iraq, most of the obligations imposed by international law through the payment of compensation affected countries to exit Iraq from international sanctions and Chapter VII, to reinforce its presence and strengthen its resources and complete sovereignty of the country's economic and revive its economy and Ahai a suitable climate for companies entering foreign investment and be present in all international forums and creates a new atmosphere of inter-Arab relations and foreign and raise urban frozen funds and Moduah in the Development Fund for Iraq pf1)) would give Iraq a boost significant financial that will contribute effectively to support the reconstruction and raise the value of the national currency in global markets and the end of one of the most important problems Almekdh that the work of the dictatorial regime on pushing the country where due to its Arab and regional levels to exercise its leadership role in strengthening the foundations of law and the foundations of international human rights and live in safety and security

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