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Iraq gets 10 aircraft in Canada and Kuwait is trying to stop the deal

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Iraq gets 10 aircraft in Canada and Kuwait is trying to stop the deal

(صوت العراق) - 11-08-2009 (Voice of Iraq) - 11/08/2009

Canadian company Bombardier announced that the giant aircraft manufacturer from it reached an agreement with Iraq to sell 10 aircraft carriers, and studies are to sign another one the same number, but he collided with a lawsuit filed by the Government of Kuwait against Iraq in the courts of Canada to stop the processing, confirming that it was awaiting the court's decision The company hopes to be in favor of Iraq to the processing of this fleet.

Contrast between the official source in the Iraqi government that all of these lawsuits will stop in the event that a Security Council decision to cancel its previous resolutions on the issue of compensation.

For his part, "Rod Williams," Vice President Commercial Operations at Bombardier Canadian civil aviation industry that Iraq had bought 10 aircraft of the type (CRJ) and we believe that this type of aircraft meets the needs of Iraq at the moment they connect some cities in Iraq and some link with neighboring countries.

Williams said "according to our own experience with other countries say that the creation of regional airline network linking countries close together is very important to link the trade and the population of the area together, as well as to encourage investment and connecting countries to commercially and economically and create jobs, encourage tourism and other sectors. Said Williams," that Iraq currently has one plane of the aircraft that operate between Erbil and Baghdad, getting the full support and backing by training our staff for ten years, "These privileges are not provided by other international companies, because we want to continue our project and sustain communication with Iraq.

And held by the company's deal with the Iraqi government, Williams said "we had with Iraq in two phases the first to buy 6 planes. 4 aircraft and the second for a total of 10 aircraft, but what actually handed over to Iraq right now this deal is only one plane.

As we entered the service line between the internal Baghdad and Erbil. and there are studies to strike a deal again ten other planes the same conditions as the previous decade. The theme of the rest of the aircraft delivery is being held to raise the issue of the Kuwaiti government to the Canadian courts are being urged not to deliver the aircraft to Iraq, and this because of disagreements between the Iraqi and Kuwaiti any differences do not belong to our company.

Our company waiting for the end of proceedings and we hope that the Court gave its decision in favor of extradition. but without the court's decision can not move. and the reasons for raising this issue by Kuwait Williams said it was on the question of debts incurred by Iraq, and other awards.

In turn, we commit ourselves to this contract and the contract of a second, but We can not act until after the court's decision.

At the end of his speech, Williams said we are a manufacturer of aircraft and aircraft leasing, we can get rid of the subject of judicial proceedings for the extradition of aircraft to Iraq. denied Williams to be Kuwait's contribution in company stock, "We're a private company contribution, we offer our shares in the Stock Exchange Toronto do not know who owns it and there is no pressure exercised by the other side. However, the issue between Kuwait and Iraq.

وسائل الاعلام الكندية Canadian media

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