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Founding statement of the Council of the Iraqi national forces

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Founding statement of the Council of the Iraqi national forces Founding statement of the Council of the Iraqi national forces
In the name of God the Merciful
Iraqi Council of the national forces
Founding Statement
The basis of our belief in the unity of the national In order to involve all political forces in the national project, irrespective of any difference or differentiation of sectarian or national or ideological, basing and operating out of the first national denominators that are existing on the basis of loyalty to Iraq first and serve their interests and the interests of his people, and our belief in the need for acceptance of others and the principle of political partnership with everyone thereby bypassing the cancellation and the culture of exclusion and marginalization.
As well as to our belief that many of the national political forces have the reality and impact of the presence and highly efficient, but because of what was produced by the wrong political phenomena of monopoly power and the system of quotas and so-called democracy, interoperability, added to the laws and unfair electoral mechanisms, all of Haifa to sign these forces and deprived of just and equitable representation commensurate with the size of the real and realistic.
Based on all the above, we call upon all national political forces to unite and closing their ranks according to national denominators and the rejection of the reasons for the difference and dispersion for the role and participation of a broad political and actors at all levels locally and nationally, and help to run the process of democracy, elections later mass is big and strong believe in all of these forces representative and equitable suit and with its reality.
Hence our call to the announcement of the formation (the Council of the Iraqi national forces), and we assure everyone that we strive to be Hmaalcil strategic alliance is not limited to the election period only and we will make our efforts for the sake of the beneficiaries of the previous experiences of others and trying to diligently and faithfully, to attract all the forces Hence, we sincerely invite all the other powers to join and join Pthalphena this, the doors and hearts open to them in the interest of Iraq and its people, and we also affirm that Marfnah of goals and slogans are the immediate and future Mntlqatna strategy to the next stage, which will work very hard and effort by our forces in the allied this Council to achieve the possible, including through our contribution with other powers to make laws and statutes under the dome of the next parliament, which make the achievement of the aspirations of our constituents and the whole of our people as possible, and emphasize that we are with any national project aimed at advancing the political process in the country and help them out than they are of the crises and with any national effort has sought and seeks to rise and rebuild Iraq and get rid of traces and remnants of the past and recent years of crisis, especially rivalries and differences and sectarian conflicts and all kinds of differences that have resulted in further fragmentation and weakening national unity, we believe that the construction of the modern Iraqi state and on the bases civilized and progressive requires first a state of institutions and law and separation of powers and respect with the need for legislative institutions governed by an independent law and the Constitution first and foremost at the head of the legislative institutions standing parliament, which must be realistic and truly representative of all components of Iraqi unrest and rises above selfishness and interests Ketloip partisan and narrow, and to transcend the level of meeting the hopes and aspirations of all Iraqis, with the necessity to take into account when enacting laws and legislation, all components of the Iraqi people and the aspirations of these multiple components and their rights and freedoms, and on the basis of the involvement of all Iraqis, without marginalizing any component whatsoever, and here we call on all components and the forces of the Iraqi people to support the process and the democratic process in the country and by all means and ways for their success as a cultural option and objective best to correct and guide the political process and change, which suffers from stagnation or decline or volatility in some cases, and the respect of democratic mechanisms and produced the reality of and political systems and advanced civilization would eliminate all differences and disputes, and make the peaceful transfer of power in addition to mutual acceptance and partnership with him, and to rely on the principles of political dialogue and peaceful and civilized way to resolve problems and disputes, whatever the size and type, so we marginalize and personalities and learn the different components and options that respect the will of the masses democracy and of its will to elect their representatives and the need for the acceptance of this will and Matffersh results and reality.
We believe that Iraq belongs to all its citizens, honest and loyal and belonging to him, so we in this Council we strive to bring together the various components of the Iraqi people, because this multi-national and religious pluralism and religious and intellectual is a reality to be dealt with openly and awareness and acceptance of, and that this diversity is a source of strength, not Source separation and rupture, as some believe.
We are in the Iraqi national forces and we strive to be truly representative of all components of the Iraqi people, regardless of the multiple names for each, and whether these components of the presence and participation in our Council or not.
We emphasize again that this alliance was and will remain open to other forces and personalities and alliances for cooperation or coalition with them, and stress our sincere in this regard in the acceptance of other new powers are willing to work with us or accept any invitation extended to us from other alliances and cooperation according to the principles of shared national and partnership fair and equitable, and will not hesitate to reach out towards any national project aimed at the good of Iraq and its people.
Iraqi Council of the national forces
Baghdad, 15 th of September / 2009
Encyclopedia of Mesopotamia, at 01:47 28 Ramadan 1430 (September 18, 2009)

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