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Iraq asks UN to help end 'neighbor's meddling'

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1 Iraq asks UN to help end 'neighbor's meddling' on Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:02 am


Littlekracker found this:

Iraq asks UN to help end 'neighbor's meddling'

Mon, 02 Nov 2009 17:37:09 GMT

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has urged the United Nations to
put an end to what it called the intervention of neighboring countries
in Iraq's internal affairs.

"It is time for the UN to act to stop the bloodshed," Maliki said
during a meeting with UN special envoy Oscar Fernandez-Taranco on

"We believe that a UN statement warning neighboring countries and
requesting them not to interfere in our internal affairs would be the
best way to mediate," AFP quoted him as saying.

The Prime minister had earlier charged that 90 percent of foreign
fighters who enter Iraq come through Syria, including the terrorists
accused of carrying out the August attacks.

Maliki repeated the accusations over Syria's intervention in Iraq's
recent bombings, saying that three of the people behind the twin
bombings in central Baghdad last week confessed to receiving help from
the country.

"Three members of the Baath Party were responsible for the recent
terrorist operation," he said. "They were receiving support from the
Syrian Baath Party and confessed to this."

Maliki had formerly accused Damascus of sheltering militants he believes masterminded a string of bomb attacks inside Iraq.

Baghdad witnessed its deadliest bomb attacks in two years, after a
two-ton van and a minibus exploded simultaneously outside the Justice
Ministry and city government offices last week. The bombings left at
least 155 people dead and over 600 others injured.

An al-Qaeda-linked group claimed responsibility for the blasts, describing it "the second phase in the fight against infidels."

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