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security meeting

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1 security meeting on Sat Dec 12, 2009 9:35 pm


Held a meeting behind closed doors for more than an hour


Maliki's Gates: We have new plans to deal with what happened in the recent security incidents

A source close to the Iraqi government that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki held a closed meeting with Robert Gates and Secretary of Defense.
The source explained that "al-Maliki met Friday morning at the Prime Minister Robert Gates and U.S. Secretary of Defense, who arrived in the capital on Thursday afternoon, on an unannounced visit."
And that "al-Maliki and Gates held a meeting behind closed doors for more than an hour."
The agency gave no details of the proceedings of the meeting and topics that have been addressed, saying only that "the meeting was closed."
Meanwhile, Maliki called Gates, to equip the Iraqi security forces with sophisticated weapons and implementation of contracts in this regard.
According to a statement issued yesterday by the Office of the Prime Minister that "al-Maliki discussed with Gates, the latest political developments and security challenges facing the Iraqi people," adding that "al-Maliki called on the United States to help Iraq in the process of equipping and arming of the security services with modern weapons and advanced the implementation of the contracts for this aspect ".
The statement quoted Maliki as saying that "our security forces are on the high degree of ability to maintain security and stability."
Al-Maliki added, "We have new plans to deal with what happened of recent security incidents and focus on the intelligence effort and benefit from the cooperation of citizens with the security services", according to him the statement.
A media adviser to the U.S. forces Nader Soliman, Thursday, Gates will meet Iraqi officials and private security during his visit to Iraq to consult on the security situation and how to provide logistical support to Iraqi security forces, as well as to inspect the troops.
"The visit to Iraq as part of its agenda in the process of losing U.S. troops in Iraq after his visit to U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan last Tuesday."

this is the same meeting wind posted different paper so maybe a little different with info given

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