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Samurai from Kuwait: Iraq has the full right to get out of the seventh item

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Samurai from Kuwait: Iraq has the full right to get out of the seventh item

Sunday, July 05
Date: Sunday, July 05
Page name: the first page of the morning newspaper

Held talks with Al-stressed to resolve the outstanding issues between the two countries
Baghdad morning The Chairman of the House of Representatives, Dr. Iyad al-Samarrai on Iraq's right to get out of the item subject to the seventh, he seeks to build relations with Kuwait and President of Parliament House was firm in its desire to help build positive relations

And fraternal complex, real long-term between Iraq and Kuwait, noting that "this matter will only be achieved by communication and frequent visits and show a positive spirit in dealing with all the files. The Samurai had arrived in Kuwait yesterday in a four-day visit at the official invitation.

The head of the House of Representatives, "the hope that his visit will pave the delegation accompanying him to establish a connection to everyone aspires to be strong between the two," the invitation and praised the Kuwaiti National Assembly Speaker Jassem Al-Kharafi and his efforts in this regard, the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Baghdad on the insured, "he said. Samurai after meeting Khorafi, the role played by Parliament in the development of relations, Iraq - Kuwait, he said: "We leave the work of Governments to the Governments, but we are representatives of the Iraqi people to communicate our view at the parliamentary level in order not to interfere in the work of government commissions, but in an effort to provide a positive atmosphere to help the two governments and two negotiator between Iraq and Kuwait to resolve the existing problems. "It should be noted that the remarks crisis erupted recently between the two countries, following the movements of the civilian adviser to the Kuwaiti Amiri Diwan Mohammad Abdullah Abul-Hassan to the members of the Security Council to prevent the lifting of international sanctions on Iraq , which is unacceptable, several deputies, asking to pay compensation to Kuwait due to Iraq's past policies and the confiscation of tens of kilometers of the country's territory, while the Republic and called on President Jalal Talabani and Minister Nuri al-Maliki, to resolve the outstanding issues with Kuwait through bilateral dialogue, the latter refused to it. The President of the House of Representatives: "Maybe we will discuss in the context of our discussion here in Kuwait on the prospects for other relationship-building and new frameworks to establish what may be the solution of problems existing between the two countries."

And on the need to remove the item from the country's seventh-Samarrai said as quoted by the official KUNA news agency: "It is Iraq's right to seek out this item," he said, adding that Iraq knows that it is not only the implementation of the decisions taken by the United Nations.

He added that "some of those United Nations resolutions in favor of Iraq to get rid of dictatorship", but on the other side to block a lot of things at home, "noting that a number of MPs had shown" their opinions in this regard and the final outcome was the affirmation of the desire to build a firm solid and strong relations between Baghdad and Kuwait and to seek to deal with all that there may be problems. "

It is hoped the UN Security Council to discuss the middle of this month, the report of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Iraq's efforts to get out of the money item VII.

The president of the Parliament the importance of keeping the relations between Iraq and Kuwait, "a strong and coherent out of trouble," referring to the vulnerability of those relations during the previous regime, and expressed his hope that the relationship is "strong." The government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said in a news conference on Saturday, "The Iraqi people can not pay the price for the mistakes committed by the regime of Saddam twice," and expressed his hope that the Kuwaiti side to understand the position of the Iraqi people, pointing at the same time, "Kuwait's insistence on keeping Iraq under Chapter VII did not reflect the impression of a friendly to the Kuwaiti side. "For his part, National Assembly Speaker Jassem al-Kharafi, said his country will work to remove Iraq from Section VII, after allowing the parties to address the wisdom of their files and relevant United Nations resolutions.

He welcomed the visit to Parliament Speaker Kharafi said: We welcome Balsamraii "in his country and his brothers and his clan, and we were waiting for this visit since he became president of the country's parliament met to thank him for the invitation to visit Kuwait."

He said: "I can confirm that at the beginning of this visit, we we will all work as one hand in the interest of Kuwait and Iraq, and we will work to strengthen this relationship will not make room for the spark of sedition and insulting to this distinct relationship", adding by saying: "Yes, there may be differences, but can be addressed Through the wisdom of these decisions on the matter. "He added that Kuwait's Kharafi will remove Iraq from Section VII," indicating that all that is required now to have the opportunity because the two sides would reach through the official organs of the result are required to resolve the issues of "differences, however, "he said. Kharafi said that" the legislative branches in Iraq and Kuwait "are two sides of one coin, legislative and executive government work for the benefit of all of this relationship which we hope to continue with our excellent to remove all the negative aspects that were in the past," he said, adding that "the interest of both countries that there is stability in the region and that "unless there is stability through the creation of positive solutions for all subjects, all countries will suffer, not only, but the Arab nation in particular and the region as a whole will be affected by this."

He said he will hold a press conference after the end of Samurai, with his visit and the official end of the interview, which "will have the opportunity to listen to the Kuwaiti side."
He expressed the hope that it will be to meet with President al-Samarrai with Kuwaiti officials, "a positive." Is scheduled to meet with Speaker of Parliament during the visit, in addition to the unbelievable, Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of State for Development Affairs and Minister of State for Housing, Sheikh Ahmad Fahd al-Ahmad al-Sabah, President of National Security Apparatus, Sheikh Mohammed Al-Khalid Al-Sabah.


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