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U.S. arms to Iraq worth $ 11 billion

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1 U.S. arms to Iraq worth $ 11 billion on Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:21 am


U.S. arms to Iraq worth $ 11 billion

2011-12-29 17:26:42

BAGHDAD (Iba) / follow-up / .. The New York Times, United States, that the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama is moving toward completion of a weapons program and the training of Iraq's estimated $ 11 billion dollars, despite concerns raised about the endeavor Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to acquire power and to give up power-sharing government, backed by Washington.

The newspaper pointed out that the military assistance includes fighter planes, tanks, gunships, which aims to help the Baghdad government in protecting its borders and rebuilding the army, which was before the Gulf War in 1991 and one of the largest armies in the world before being disbanded in 2003 after the U.S. invasion.

She said while the United States wants to strengthen the Iraqi army, at least to hedge against Iranian influence, but there are also concerns that this move could backfire, if approached the government in Baghdad at the end of the day of the clerics in Iran more than Washington.

A number of U.S. diplomats, including Ambassador James Jeffrey expressed concern in military aid for Iraq. Some of them said that they will have political implications, unless the Obama administration can manage properly, and there is also growing concern of Maliki's efforts to marginalize the (year), which can lead to a sectarian war. (On paper). (End)

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US To Complete Iraqi Arms Deal

Posted on 30 December 2011.

A deal for US fighter jets and tanks will not be stopped by political instability, reports Al Jazeera.

The deal is reportedly for USD 11bn-worth of weaponry. Since the US pulled out its remaining troops two weeks ago, violence has increased, arrest warrants have been issued against senior politicians opposing prime minister Nouri al-Maliki, and opposing factions have made demands for decentralising power to such an extent and in such a way that it would probably require amending the constitution.

Alexandre Vautravers, editor of Swiss Military Review, told Al Jazeera: “If the US did not sell weapons to Iraq, the weapons would still materialise, perhaps from Russia or China, or perhaps from Iran.”

Although the weaponry is advanced, it is not cutting edge. ”The types of weapons which have been sold, F-16s, M1 Abrams tanks, these vehicles, these aircrafts, have been designed 20 or 30 years ago.”

According to Vautravers, the US accounts for nearly 60% of arms sales to the Middle East.

3 Re: U.S. arms to Iraq worth $ 11 billion on Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:22 am


Newspaper: Washington arms to Iraq $ 11 billion amid concerns

30/12/2011 07:25

Beirut, December 30 / December (Rn) - The "New York Times," the U.S. that the U.S. administration tends to complete the weapons program and the training of Iraqi police valued at $ 11 billion, amid what it described as mounting fears of exploitation of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's program in order to seize power .

The newspaper said U.S. military assistance including fighter jets, "F - 16" tanks and military aircraft "M1 A1 Abrams" tanks and military major, artillery and armored personnel carriers as well as vests and trailers of ammunition and other equipment, plans to America delivered to the Iraqi government to assist them in protect its borders and to rebuild the army, which was considered before the Gulf War and one of the largest armies in the world.

The paper reported that the reinforcement will be managed by the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, which will play a security role through the office of mediator between the Iraqi government and construction companies such as armament, "Lockheed Martin" and "Raytheon".

On the other hand, considered that the paper "arms sales, which was implemented some of them already, go ahead, despite concerns raised about the efforts Maliki" Shiite "to acquire power, and that hit the wall coalition government supported by Washington."

She explained that "the United States interested in strengthening the Iraqi army reserve against Iranian influence, what prevents them from paying attention to the concerns of officials, Iraqis and Americans, that step is counterproductive, if approached the Baghdad government in the end of the clerics in Iran more than Washington."

The newspaper quoted a number of American diplomats, including Ambassador James Jeffrey, concern of military aid to Iraq, as some said, "The program will have political repercussions unless the United States properly managed, and there is growing concern also from Maliki's efforts to marginalize the Sunnis and that can be lead to a sectarian war. "

He says a number of analysts and Iraqi diplomats that "many reasons that make them worry about the deal, apart from what he says U.S. and Iraqi officials for not sectarian Iraqi army, it seems the latter taking in the transition to a Shi'ite militia are marginalizing the year, under orders from Maliki, instead of playing the role of protecting the sovereignty of the country. "

The newspaper quoted Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi his concerns about the "dangers of arming sectarian army," adding, "Unfortunately, with all the sacrifices we have made and budgets that support Srvnaha and great American who gave, that the result will be configured sectarian militia."

In contrast, the Times concluded that the Pentagon assured that the weapons would be delivered the terms of "the most important subject to control by the nature of their use, to ensure that the U.S. administration not to waste it," The justification of the U.S. for the deal is that "al-Maliki said that did not take weapons from us, will get it from somewhere else , "according to a U.S. official said.

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where did the 11 billion come from?

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