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Source: the task of "Biden" .. Calming the situation in Iraq until the completion of Syria

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Source: the task of "Biden" .. Calming the situation in Iraq until the completion of Syria

28/12/2011 20:11
Baghdad / Orr News

Said a political source familiar with the staff of the U.S. Embassy in Iraq continue to hold meetings with the leaders of Iraqi political blocs, in preparation for the meeting is expected, which will include the leaders of blocs rival, while the active diplomats American in Amman and Riyadh to hold meetings in conjunction with their counterparts in Baghdad end of which, according to informed source, the province on the Iraqi situation stable until the end the file of the Syrian crisis, which entered the tenth month.

According to the source, the time came when the Iraqi crisis is not appropriate, because it diverted the efforts that were supposed to be made ​​to bring down the regime of Bashar al-Assad, with accusations by the parties to a British Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that he executed the plan Syria agreed to implement them with his delegation, who visited Damascus before the outbreak of the crisis Hashemi and the Iraqi List.

The visit is Biden's expected visit to Baghdad to make sure of the validity of the charges the British Kashifoa by their allies the Americans, while denounced the leaders of the state of law those charges and saw it was far from logic and common sense a maneuver calculated to the rhythm between Maliki and the Americans after he has achieved success not dress during his recent visit to America.

The source noted that the U.S. negotiator, a diplomat in Amman is threatened by the majority support of the Government meeting one of the leading Iraqi List and decided to leave the meeting after the objection that the leadership on this proposal.

But a senior Jordanian prominent insisted that completed the meeting and that the Party of Jordan will be the guarantor of the interests of Iraq, then emerged a leading Iraqi and had several contacts, and then returned to the meeting, declaring their satisfaction with any movement and disposal will be taken during the upcoming meeting of Biden in Baghdad to end the crisis, and restore the current government to American railway train, which he described as the source is very similar to what the British train during the thirties of last century, with the difference that the sons of politicians who rode that train ride the train today are American.

The source believes that Biden will hold its meetings in Baghdad, which is reassuring, because the team that paved the way for his meetings with Iraqi leaders and on the way (the carrot and stick) as described by the source.

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