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Political first: Trade: withholding the ration items will include the families of hig

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Political first: Trade: withholding the ration items will include the families of hig Political first: Trade: withholding the ration items will include the families of high income earners
(This article headlined 12/07/09)
Baghdad, Mahdi Karim Taie
Ministry of Commerce warned that the decision to withhold the ration card items for high income earners only and does not include a person includes the members of his family. The director of the Department of Planning and the Ministry of Supply luxury Riad al-Hashemi told the "morning," he said, adding that the resolution only for the citizen does not include members of his family, to withhold any items that the card will include the citizen more than the monthly income of one million 500 thousand dinars, and only
He noted that the measures include the blocking of all citizens over the monthly income to the amount in question and not only the staff, and revealed that he was to address all government departments to provide detailed data on who, along with views of the private sector approach, such as federations of chambers of commerce and industry and professional associations as well as the Ministries of Industry, Finance and Planning and Agriculture and the General Authority for taxes in order to collect accurate information on the members of the private sector and individuals who increase their income to the amount specified in order to withhold their vocabulary card
. And that the voucher card needed citizen walking in the transaction will contain the official name of the person covered by Bahadjb with a specific reference about the name refers to the reason for the block.
It should be noted that the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers instructed a study plan by the Ministry of Commerce, to all ministries to speed up the need to provide the names of the ministry staff on a monthly income of more than one and a half million dinars for the ration card items to withhold them, because the plan includes coverage of all employees of the State and the private sector and professionals, traders, industrialists and others.
The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Trade and Walid Habib Helou said in a statement with regard to the "morning", the ministry introduced the study to the Economic Commission of the Council of Ministers included a plan to conceal items of the ration card of those with degrees and people who own more than a monthly income of a million and a half million dinars, both employees of state or the private sector aimed at achieving justice in the distribution of the items of the card and take into account the need to focus on the poor segments of society and securing high-quality brands

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