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Awadi: 120 MPs submitted a draft law to end the phenomenon of positions {proxy}

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Awadi: 120 MPs submitted a draft law to end the phenomenon of positions {proxy}

Monday, 07 May / May 2012 16:30

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates MP for the Liberal bloc Awad al-Awadi, the multiple political blocs would make to the House proposal to end the phenomenon of acting positions of the Iraqi government, which prevailed in the recent period.

And al-Awadi, said at a news conference Monday attended by the correspondent of the News Agency {Euphrates} The "120 MPs have signed a proposal to the elimination of positions by proxy and presented to the House of Representatives for a vote and passed."

He added that "the survival of the State-managed proxy gives the impression of being a non-authentic as any in terms of legal ability and professionalism are very weak."

He pointed out that "the state must be built without being drawn into the quota system and the continued administration of the State Agency that this is not in the interest of building a strong government able to conduct its functions properly."

And al-Awadi explained that "the proposed law includes determining the duration of service in-Charge of one year only and from then are either installed or take him out of office and may not be renewing his in any way."

And that "the proposal also includes the names of those who converted positions by proxy at present to the House of Representatives during the six months to vote on them and report whether they will continue in office or not."

And stressed "the necessity of eliminating this phenomenon as soon as they lead to obstruct the work of people incompetent who can not work atmosphere tainted by instability and confusion between proofed in office or give them away at any time that the State gave them stability so they can provide the best of the country. "

He stressed that "such a law is the real ruler of the state-building correctly that the current government failed and weak."

The deputies from different political blocs agreed that most of the institutions of the state administered illegally because they are managed by the agency, stressing the government's desire to retain these positions and the names of candidates not to display her own behalf in the House of Representatives.

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