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Maliki calls on the international community to bring Iraq out of Chapter VII of money.......again

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Maliki calls on the international community to bring Iraq out of Chapter VII of money

. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the international community to rid Iraq of Chapter VII of money and taking into account the significant positive changes and achievements and will continue to cooperate with the United Nations in various fields.
جاء . This came during a meeting of the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General of the United Nations for the International Compact with Iraq, Ibrahim Gambari, and his accompanying delegation.
وقال . Maliki said that Iraq would continue to support the United Nations representative in Iraq, expressing his belief that continued cooperation with the United Nations has become currently the most important of the draft Covenant.
من . For his part, Gambari said that according to the developments and achievements made by the Iraqi government want to put a new mechanism of cooperation between Iraq and other countries and we will show the new image of Iraq and we will support steps towards the exit Iraq from Chapter VII. . And vowed to take the demands of the Iraqi government on terrorism and foreign interference in Iraqi affairs


Good Luck Maliki...so far your new GOI still hasn't passed the important laws like the HCL...so much for your Cabinet reshuffle!!


This country really needs a group of outsiders to run thier country!


as I've said before....let's send em our illegal aliens.....at least they'll have some good landscaping.

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