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Ukraine says it is selling Iraq weapons worth $ 550 million

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Ukraine says it is selling Iraq weapons worth $ 550 million

(صوت العراق) - 12-12-2009 (Voice of Iraq) - 12/12/2009

KIEV (Reuters) - an official said on Friday that Ukraine has signed a deal to deliver weapons to Iraq worth 550 million dollars in media said that the Ukrainian part of a larger deal to sell arms in the history of Ukraine.

The news agency Interfax reported Esteban Hafrc Vice Chairman National Security and Defense as saying that the Ukrainian arms companies will sell about 400 armored vehicles and ten transport aircraft AN -32 to the Iraqi army.

The newspaper has announced dello Ukrainian daily said on Thursday that Kiev agreed to arms deal with the Iraqi government worth $ 2.4 billion funded by the United States, which could be the biggest arms deal in the history of Ukraine.

Ukraine was the center of the arms industry during the Soviet era and remains one of the largest exporters of armored vehicles and defense systems against ballistic missiles.

The Ukraine became one of the closest allies of the United States between the republics of the former Soviet Union.
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$ 2.4 billion funded by the United States WELL add that to the USA deficit!!


I thought under chapter 7 that could not happen? The selling of weapons to Iraq.

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