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Iraq: 110 billion dinars property disputes balance for the year 2010

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Iraq: 110 billion dinars property disputes balance for the year 2010

BAGHDAD - Wafa Amer

Revealed the real property to resolve the conflicts that its budget for next year amounting to 110 billion dinars, while the announced resolution of 77 thousand out of the 157 A case involving disputes of ownership.

The Chairman of the Commission, Ahmed Shia'a Barak in a statement to the "morning": that the Commission was able since the beginning of taking office so far to resolve about 50 percent of cases received at the level of judicial committees, and to resolve 37 percent of cases are final, noting that the discriminatory settled part of about 51 thousand case, and what remains of them accumulated around 25 thousand case.

He noted that the Authority's budget for 2010 of 110 billion dinars, saying it was down for the current year which was 180 billion dinars, but he insisted that it would not affect much to the work of the Commission.

He added that the total amount of compensation, authorize the Authority since its formation in 2005 amounted to 313 billion dinars, referring to the quest to address the House of Representatives in connection with a deadline for submission of cases by the stakeholders.

The detection of 5 - 6 false claims received by the Authority was exposed by the inspection and oversight committees, noting that these were referred to the Commission on Public Integrity.

Barak expected to be deported to the Law on the amendment to the next parliamentary session, hoping that the amendments are a priority for the Chamber of Deputies in order to redress the slides that have been affected by oppression under the former regime.

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