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Elections...who won?

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1 Elections...who won? on Fri Mar 26, 2010 5:02 pm


I found this little piece in a news article:

The prime minister, who is fighting for a
second four-year term, has widespread support from Iraq's Shiite
majority but has tried to distance himself from his sectarian roots and
portray himself as a nationalist who helped return stability to Iraq
after years of violence. But his support for a ban of hundreds of
candidates with alleged ties to Saddam Hussein's regime severely
undercut any support he had from Sunnis, who felt the ban unfairly
targeted their candidates.

Many Sunnis instead threw their weight behind Allawi, a secular Shiite
who has built a broad coalition drawn from both Islamic sects. Allawi,
who served as prime minister from 2004 to 2005, has used his anti-Iran
rhetoric to appeal to Sunnis who are wary of Tehran's influence with
their Shiite-majority government.

Now this really makes sense why Allawi has won 93 seats and Maliki only 89 seats.
One thing I've learned in studying world economy...on any country that has elected officials...you can pretty much figure out who will win way before the votes if you "follow the money".....does the country need what I call a "war" leader or a "money" leader. Maliki was a great war leader...he kick violence in iraq big time. But what does iraq need for the next 4 years??? I think Maliki time has come to a end....it's time for a "money" leader. Maliki can ask for a recount but I don't think they will even do a recount, he really doesn't want the job anymore per many comments he has made over the last year but think he was told to run, play the game, say what we tell ya to the press, then you can retire to Paris.
For the next 4 years....Iraq needs money and lots of it...time after time just in the last 3 months articles have said "we need to boost economy", etc. Time for a "money" leader that will bring in the investors and turn the economy in iraq around to bring the iraqi's out of the poor house.......that can only be done with Allawi.
Just do some research on what Allawi been up to since he left iraq in 2005....one clue start with Washington DC and find out who Allawi been lobbying too for the last 4 years and who his "fellow iraqi" partner to lobbying everybody on the hill...."follow the money".

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cool ck...thanks

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"cool ck...thanks" <<<<<<Ditto

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