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E-mail from DinarBanker.....posted for discussion.

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I just got this email from Dinar Banker. Let me know what you think of it . Is the dinar rv getting closer. Why would they send something like this out. Good post to just discuss.Posted Image

Dear xxxx,

Our Customers Get First Priority
When the Iraqi Dinar revalues, having a plan for exchanging your Dinar is essential. DinarBanker.com values our clients, and you will have first priority for exchanging your currency. Learn how we are prepared to meet all of the currency exchange need of our customers.
Benefits of Exchanging with DinarBanker.com
DinarBanker.com is highly capitalized, allowing us to perform many transactions at once.
As long as you are a doing a Dinar-to-wire transfer transaction, you will NOT be required to fill out a FinCEN form104. If a FinCEN 104 is required, we will fill it out for you and turn it in as necessary.
You will ONLY be required to fill out a FinCEN 105 if your currency is coming into the US from outside the US. For the few customers that will be required to fill out this form, we can assist with completing and filing this form as necessary.
We can send the funds to any account you request anywhere in the world.
Customers can send money to multiple accounts under different names if desired.
DinarBanker.com has a special account manager at the largest, most reputable gold/precious metal conversion company in the United States. At the time of cash-in, customers can have their Dinar converted to any number of precious metal investments. We can have precious metals or coins held on deposit, or any type of precious metal or coin delivered anywhere in the world.
We are the only company that we are aware of that is actually listed as a Money Service Business currency exchanger with our bank, BB&T. Other companies won’t be able to exchange because they are listed as collectible dealers and not properly registered with their banks.
Exchange Procedure
Our process will be fast, easy, and secure. Within 24 hours of the revaluation and established procedures by the Central Bank of Iraq, satellite offices will be opened at numerous airport locations around the country, including:
Atlanta, GA
New York, NY
Chicago, IL
Miami, FL
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Las Vegas, NV
San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Add the Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate Tool to your Google homepage for real time updates on Exchange Rate
Customers will be able to make an appointment and discreetly bring in their Dinar into the secure location. Payment methods include wire transfer, check, gold certificates, other precious metal and coin certificates, or physically delivered gold and precious medals in various forms incluing bullion and coin.
Read more about the procedure: Revaluation Exchange Guide
Fees will be determined based on the actual exchange rate (Buy and Sell rate established by the Central Bank of Iraq), insurance, and transportation costs. WE EXPECT TO BEAT ANY RATE IN THE NATION.

Thought this was interesting and just thought I would share


wow! that's amazing! you need to ask yourself why would they send you a letter like this, at this time? Hopefully the RV is closer then we think. Thanks for the post and the information.


THAT'S odd, why send that now? Probably nothing but looks like they will have a office in "major' city's then what Dinartrade will have. Never heard of this dealer so don't know if they could be trusted.

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