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French Ambassador: We are ready to help Iraq out of CH VII---From Currency Newshound 7/25

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French Ambassador: We are ready to help Iraq out of CH VII

Najaf, July 25, 2011 (AKnews) – confirms the French ambassador to Iraq, Denis Gauer said his country believes that Iraq has elements of several assisted in building a good economy, noting that France hopes to find Iraq’s position in the world, because everyone needs to Iraq refreshed Acasadia and quiet in the system the new Arab and stresses through the board Goyer following interview conducted by the correspondent and news agency Kurdistan (Rn) in Najaf, that his country is ready to help Iraq out of Chapter VII and assist in the rebuilding and reconstruction:

* How do you consider France to the nature of its relations with Iraq after 2003?

- President Sarkozy came to Baghdad in 2009, to confirm clearly that France would help Iraq to rebuild and to help and we have high confidence new Iraq, where he has many faces, so we believe that a number of factors help to build a good economy and we hope that Iraq finds its place in the world and we all need for Iraq economically robust and quiet in the new Arab system.

* There are some situations raise the question as the French about the nature of the abuse of France with Iraq, such as lack of support for the decision to remove Iraq from Chapter VII and that of your country were not supportive of the change in 2003?

- We are ready to help Iraq out of Chapter VII and to find its new location in the international arena, and France voted for the resolutions to remove Iraq from Chapter VII and abstained from the third because there are changes in the last minutes and we did not Ahly aware of changes and issues that have been settled, knowing that the only thing left Hobed differences between Kuwait and Iraq, and France were not unfavorable to change, but we consider the occupation of Iraq illegal operation on the basis of international law and this was recognized by the secretary of the United Nations, and the other side, we consider that this is not the way it wise to change even if it is found on the events that followed the process change and the daily reality of Iraq would have been difficult to find out in this area we are happy with what is happening in the Arab spring, where the Arab peoples that descended to the streets today to demand democracy and human rights, and bring down totalitarian regimes, but what is happening is not accompanied by any foreign intervention.

Q: But your country has supported the rebels in Libya with weapons?

- In all countries in a state shifts, such as Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, we find that is the people who come down to the street without outside help, either the Libyan case, and support for the rebels there, it is true, but the international community to intervene because Gaddafi hit people That is why the United Nations voted on the resolution supporting military intervention in which this has been achieved, which is the only case in the events of the region, while the other Arab countries, it was the people are that decide its fate.

* You support the development of commercial traffic between your country and Iraq and say it’s going in the right direction, France Are you looking for a new market here after the global economic crisis or is it a change in the Ssayastkm towards the countries of the Middle East?

- President Sarkozy visited Iraq and said he was present to help Iraq and this means it helps you to get out of Chapter VII and by providing scholarships for young Iraqis to complete their studies in France, and also try to help in the areas of justice and other areas through the development of our cultural, and encourage French companies to come to Iraq To help in the reconstruction process and also specialty French companies fit the needs of Iraq in the evolution of new, and we have specialized companies, and the task in the field of oil, gas and electricity production, transport, metro, trains, water treatment, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, and food industries, and we believe that Iraqi cooperation French important in all these areas.

* In light of what it takes to Iraq from internal and external challenges do you see how the future of your relationship with him?
- Our hope is that there will be Iraq, economically vibrant and confident of himself, and Iraq is able to establish relations with its neighbors.

* There are several consulates of France in Iraq Matabaah work?

- We opened a consulate general in Erbil, and an honorary consulate in Nasiriyah, there are projects for the honorary consulate in Basra, and the consulates of this species Tazzalalaqat between the two countries.

* What is the honorary consulate?
- A person of Iraqi nationality, but not a diplomat, more precisely, a citizen representing the interests of France, and this makes it easier to come and the passage of French businessmen, typically expressed as the demands of Iraqi businessmen to French companies are channels of communication but it’s not diplomatic.

What this resulted in your meeting with the Chamber of Commerce Najaf?
- We have multiple connections with the former Najaf Chamber of Commerce and previously worked in the creation of the Commercial Arbitration Centre and we had an agreement with the Chamber of Commerce, and in particular about the attributes of the entry of Iraqi merchants to France, and hold a dialogue about the future projects of cooperation, especially with the French companies.


Okay just wondering does this mean we have seen articles from all voting members. Willing to help Iraq out of chapter 7?


azdinar wrote:Okay just wondering does this mean we have seen articles from all voting members. Willing to help Iraq out of chapter 7?

The ONLY country I have EVER read that is holding them back from getting out of 7 is KUWAIT!!!

Everybody else says "sure we agree you should be out of 7"...LOL


well if that is they case could Kuwait be out voted?

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