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Allawi's (range): We are not employees of the Maliki

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Allawi's (range): We are not employees of the Maliki

On: Wed, 22/12/2011 10:29

 Baghdad / Hossam Acommok
in the first reaction to the news conference held by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Tuesday, said the leader of the coalition in Iraq, Iyad Allawi, his commitment to the Constitution, declaring his coalition refused to attend the meeting called for by al-Maliki,

Stressing the possibility of isolating the latter in cooperation with the National Coalition by nominating someone else instead.
This came in an exclusive interview with (range) yesterday, and confirmed through his commitment to the Constitution as "a compass and reference" until amended.
and added, "If al-Maliki is committed to the Constitution he implementation of its provisions, and we have no problem in this regard, which include confirmation of the order of the Council of Ministers. "
Iraqi and what Allawi says deplores what he Balahjma waged by state law and authority against the list and symbols, but he also "We are with the President's initiative and asked the President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani held a meeting a clear and quick attended by leaders key exclusively for the installation of what can be installed on the initiative of Erbil, which adopted the partnership in the government, which served as a road map for the political process, as well as the initiative of His Eminence Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr, which has won the consensus of most of the political blocs. "
He believed the Iraqi leader " If there is goodwill in this regard, we are ready to resolve the political crisis, but if the situation continues as it is we will ask the nomination of another character from within the National Coalition for the post of prime minister, replacing the owners. "
As for Maliki's call for a meeting of leaders in the Council of Ministers, said Allawi "We are not employees of the Council of Ministers to be our call in this way that we believe represents the trend of authoritarian Maliki, so he wanted to meet us as if we were staff has," noting that "the problem is not in this way put forward by the Prime Minister, but must be preceded by the meeting show good will to resolve the dispute through the adoption of the Constitution a reference out of the crisis experienced by the country at this critical stage. "
and Allawi denied the existence of any dispute or a personal problem with Maliki and said, "but there is no objection to his approach, which is out of agreements and legal contexts and constitutional."
As for the crisis caused by the issuance of an arrest warrant for Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, Allawi said, "This problem can be solved in the manner advertised, and which were in violation of the separation of three powers, which leads us to doubt the integrity of the judiciary whom we all respect and appreciation and it is not possible to solve the issue in the media to afford the high sensitivity. "
With regard to resolving the issue, said "there must be a meeting of leaders of the blocks will be attended by the President of the Supreme Judicial Council Midhat Mahmood, are investigated with Hashemi in the presence of these characters, and if the investigation proved that deficient or co-operations also attributed to him as a terrorist, we will be with the results of this meeting. "
and added, "As for the scenario offered by these confessions we are not accustomed to him owing to the judiciary only where exactly was the role of the executive."
"The judiciary is under great pressures from the government, a reason for this meeting with leaders of the blocs to resolve the crisis. "
In context, replies the Supreme Judicial Council to the question and response on the issue of al-Hashemi, trying to clarify the truth of judicial and legal systems.
The council said in a statement received (range) a copy of it, that the defendant is innocent until proven guilty and even says the judiciary speech on the subject of the evidence collected against the Deputy President of the Republic through the court and described the statement Badlh which offers all guarantees stipulated in the law. "
The statement that al-Hashemi "innocent until proven guilty with evidence arguing for the acts attributed to him, after gaining a final of through the stages of appeal provided for in law. "
Meanwhile, Maliki held a press conference threatened to which the replacement of ministers belonging to the coalition of "Iraq", if they continue to boycott the government, alluding also to the possibility of forming a government of "political majority."
He said that the minister "of Iraq "Nine" If you did not return at the next meeting (the government) Fsnottagh to assign to other ministers. "
"It's not the right of the Minister to boycott cabinet meetings because he would be considered as having resigned."
He declared that "the principle of consensus that we need him" in the past years, "concluded Now, "calling a meeting of an expanded" in the coming days "to discuss the emerging crisis, which plunged the country to it a long American military withdrawal.
"If we do not succeed in reaching a formula of understanding, Fsnottagh to the formation of a political majority."

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