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Iraqi lawyers applying a complaint to the Federal Court claiming criminalization of the Prime Minister and put it under penalty of law, and arrested immediately

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Iraqi lawyers applying a complaint to the Federal Court claiming criminalization of the Prime Minister and put it under penalty of law, and arrested immediately

Ahmed Saadi / Shatt al-Arab - 14/01/2012 AD - 10:30 AM |

Friday, January 13, 2012 23:52 Prosecutor: A group of Iraqi lawyers

Respondent: Mr. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, in addition to its function

A case Based on the provisions of Article III, paragraph and Ninety-sixth of the Iraqi constitution, which states that the [Federal Supreme Court shall have the following: Chapter VI of the charges against the President and the Prime Minister and the Minister and shall be regulated by law

We demand the court distinguished the arrest of Mr. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki as a partner of Mr. Vice-President Tareq al-Hashemi in the network management assassinations of innocent people deliberately and for a previous measure.

Admitted Mr. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his own free will and the public through TV free on 21/12/2011 that has the files to prove the involvement of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi repeated assassination operations for three years without presenting them to justice.

Which makes the Prime Minister is subject to article three hundred and eighty of the Penal Code in force, which provides shall be punished as an accomplice in the crimes set forth in this section:

1. He was aware of structures of the perpetrator of the crime and gave him aid, means of subsistence, shelter or a place of meeting or other assistance, as well as of carrying his messages, easy to him to find on the subject of the crime or the concealment or transfer, inform the subject when knowing the intentions of the perpetrator If crime did not intend to participate in the commission of the crime

2. damaged or embezzled or concealed or intentionally or based on something that would facilitate the detection of crime and the evidence or the punishment of the perpetrators.

B - a man shall be exempt from punishment the perpetrator of the crime and ascendants, descendants, sister and brother in the case of a subsidy and a means Altaich and shelter.

And as the Prime Minister and he knew his own admission free and open structures, but Mr. Tariq al-Hashimi was gathered for meetings and joint meetings, which were made ​​using state funds, and its halls and to kill people.

And with the Prime Minister aware of the crimes committed by Mr. Hashemi, if taken without a simple procedure to deter and Delivery, including possession of evidence to the judicial authorities.

It also inhibits the department, Mr. Prime Minister, who played in front of the parliament, which provides for "committed to the maintenance of public freedoms and private and is committed to faithfully implementing the legislation and neutrality."

I favor Mr. Prime Minister, Vice-President of the Republic, and cover him and allowed him to commit murder without taking any action no matter how small to protect the security and maintenance of Iraqi lives.

He killed thousands of Iraqis have the knowledge and science, Mr. Prime Minister, without taking any action and is the commander of the armed forces and military forces under the authority and the police.

And we call it: Liabilities

First, order the arrest of Mr. Prime Minister, and brought and brought before the Federal Court as a key partner in crime, Mr. Vice-President of the Republic and for being entrusted with the lives and blood of the Iraqis.

Second, the reasons for Tstatra the criminal acts that resulted in his confession itself shedding of Iraqi blood, although he was constitutionally obliged to maintain the lives of Iraqis.

Third, the reservation on the movable and immovable

Fourth, the reservation on the possession of the files and information about those covers them with a statement on the causes masked terrorist groups spilled Iraqi blood, and is entrusted with it.

V. Statement of the possibility of its occurrence under Article IV the first paragraph of the Anti-Terrorism Act, which reads [punishable by death anyone who commits - as a principal actor or a business partner of any of the terrorist acts mentioned in Article II and III of this law shall be instigated, planned, funded and all of the enabled terrorists from carrying out the crimes stipulated in this Law Baquba original actor], where silence is considered a criminal such as empowerment and allow him to engage in criminal activity even though he was able to deter Mr. Prime Minister.


seems lke several articles released at once about the dissatisfaction with Maliki.........retirement time perhaps?


Let's hope so

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